Can I do hot stones at home?

Can I do hot stones at home?

Heat the oven on low, until the stones reach the temperature you prefer. I recommend using a pot holder, towel, or tongs to grab the stones. You can dip stones in cool water if they get too hot, but don’t let them get cold or you’ll need to start over. Pat them dry with another old towel and they’re ready to use!

Which hot stones are the best?

Some therapists do prefer to use sedimentary rocks such as marine stones, sandstone, or limestone. This is due to their mineral properties, which some therapists believe to confer extra benefits on clients. Generally speaking, though, the best choice of stone for hot stone massage therapy is basalt.

What oil do you use for hot stones?

The therapist can then massage the client’s head, feet or legs while the soothing heat from the stones and essential oils relax the client. Essential oils most commonly used in this aromatherapy massage protocol are thyme, basil, sweet marjoram, cypress, oregano, peppermint and wintergreen.

How many stones are needed for hot stone massage?

What you need for your hot stone massage: A crockpot with water. 5 river stones (1 large one the size of your hand and 4 smaller ones the size of your palm) Tongs with a rubber grip.

How much do hot stones cost?

Prices may vary depending on the length of your massage and the location of the spa, but typically, a hot stone massage rings in between $100 and $150 for an hour.

Can you heat hot stones in a slow cooker?

Heat stones properly Microwaves, hot plates, slow cookers and ovens—to name only a few—are never appropriate places to heat massage stones. Also, the only safe way to heat stones is in water, as you can accurately control the heat of the water, making sure the stones don’t get too hot.

Can you use lotion with hot stones?

Hydration is vital when doing hot stone massage, both internally and to the client’s skin. Without proper hydration, burns often occur, so if the client’s skin appears dry, applying some form of moisturizer, such as massage oil or lotion, is a must.