Are PowerSpec computers any good?

Are PowerSpec computers any good?

PowerSpec computers are pre-built computers offered by Micro Center. From the experience we have had with them so far, buying 2 of them and having the longest one for over 2 months, can say they are highly recommended.

Does PowerSpec make good PSU?

Our Verdict. The PowerSpec PSX 850GFM achieves a high value score thanks to its fair price. For a few dollars more, though, there are better-performing PSUs out there. This power supply is worth considering if you don’t want to spend more than $100, but must have integrated RGB lighting.

Is PowerSpec a gaming PC?

PowerSpec G-Series Gaming Desktops feature name brand, industry leading components including Intel© Core™ and AMD Ryzen™ unlocked processors, the latest in discrete video card technology, and Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro installed – all to enhance your experience playing today’s most demanding games or completing the …

Who builds PowerSpec computers?

Micro Electronics, Inc.
PowerSpec PC: About Us. PowerSpec is registered trademark of Micro Electronics, Inc. Founded in 1979, Micro Electronics and its subsidiaries have a long history of innovation in the PC industry. PowerSpec products are available primarily at Micro Center retail stores and the online store.

What brand RAM does PowerSpec use?

The Intel D850GB motherboard uses RAMBUS RIMM™ memory modules. Memory is installed two RIMM modules at a time.

Are PowerSpec PCS upgradable?

You can upgrade the CPU to another one from the 8000-series Intel CPUs without changing anything. For video editing and streaming it’s mainly GPU/CPU and RAM, just depends on exactly how much you want to upgrade. As it stands, just adding a video card is big.

What PSU does PowerSpec use?

750 Watt Bronze Power Supply

Motherboard Power Drive Power
1 24 Pin 4 Pin Molex
1 4 + 4 Pin CPU SATA
4 6 + 2 Pin Video Floppy

What RAM does PowerSpec use?

Specific Uses For Product Gaming
Series PowerSpec G435
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
CPU Model Core i7

Who owns PowerSpec?

Founded in 1979 by John Baker, it serves as the parent company of the computer retailer Micro Center, its online division Micro Center Online, and its brand iPSG, which houses PowerSpec PC, WinBook, and Inland(including Inland Premium for high-end SSDs).