Why debugger is not working in NetBeans?

Why debugger is not working in NetBeans?

Close your IDE. Clean and recompile your code using your desired build tool (Maven, Gradle…) Open your IDE again, and rebuild (or clean and compile) the project using the built-in IDE tools.

How do I run a debugger in NetBeans?

Click the Debug button in the toolbar (Ctrl-F5; ⌘-F5 on Mac) to start the debugging session. Alternatively, right-click the project node in the Projects window and choose Debug. When you start the session, the IDE will launch the Anagram Game application and open the Debugging window.

How install PHP debugger in NetBeans?

Step 4 Configuring NetBeans to use the xDebug module

  1. Open NetBeans.
  2. Go to the tools drop down and select options.
  3. Click the PHP tab from the top navigation pane.
  4. Click Debugging from the sub-navigation pane.
  5. In the ‘debugger port field’ enter 9000.
  6. In the session ID field enter netbeans-xdebug.
  7. Click Apply, then OK.

How do breakpoints work in NetBeans?

Start the ide and open the file that contains the source code that you want to debug. Set a breakpoint at each line where you want the debugger to pause. To set a breakpoint, place the cursor at the beginning of a line and press Ctrl-F8/⌘-F8 or choose Debug > Toggle Line Breakpoint.

How do I view variables in Netbeans debugger?

You can also use ALT + SHIFT + 1 to bring up variable viewer. Generally, the pane underneath the code has some tabs – and one of them will say ‘Variables’. Click on that tab and you will see variables and their values. You need to be actually running a debug session before the variables tab is available.

Is NetBeans a debugger?

NetBeans, like most other programming environments, provides a particular tool for this called a debugger. Debugging can be defined as the process used for examining the code for errors.

How do I view variables in NetBeans debugger?

What is line breakpoint in NetBeans?

Breakpoint – a line of code where you want to “pause” the execution of a program. For example, if you want to pause the program at line 14, place a breakpoint there. Continue – will continue the execution of the program until the next breakpoint or until the program terminates.

How do I view variables in Netbeans?

Click on the “Watches” tab at the bottom. Now click on Run > New Watch at the top menu. Type in “name” to watch the name variable and press the OK button. After pressing enter you will notice that the name variable is in the Watches window.

How do I print a variable in Netbeans?

Just run under the debugger and switch to the console output. Set breakpoint and use the ‘PO’ keyword to print the variable.

How do I connect to a debugger in NetBeans?

In NetBeans, choose Debug> Attach Debugger. Set up the Attach Debugger dialog as shown in Figure 3-2. Substitute the target host name for (Target Host). Figure 3-2 Attach Debugger Dialog (Debugger as Client)

How do I enable CVM debug mode in NetBeans?

On the target host, launch cvm with server=y and, for this example, address=8000, similar to the example in Section 3.2.2, “cvm Debug Mode Example”. In NetBeans, choose Debug > Attach Debugger. Set up the Attach Debugger dialog as shown in Figure 3-2. Substitute the target host name for (Target Host).

What is the best way to debug a Java application?

The most likely choices are the NetBeans, Oracle JDeveloper, and Eclipse integrated development environments, but you can also use the Java SE jdbcommand line debugger or another compatible debugger. You run the debugger on a development host, and the application plus CDC on the target device.