Who won Taylor vs Chavez?

Who won Taylor vs Chavez?

Referee Richard Steele asked Taylor twice if he was able to continue fighting, but Taylor failed to answer. Steele then concluded that Taylor was unfit to continue and signaled that he was ending the fight, resulting in a TKO victory for Chávez with only two seconds to go in the bout.

How old was Taylor when Chavez fought?

And Taylor? He was 24-0-1 (13), a Philly fighter if ever there was one, “unequalled” in his speed, according to trainer George Benton, even if he lacked quite the thud of the harder-hitting Chavez, 27.

Who did Cesar Chavez lose to?

On September 17, 2005, at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Chávez suffered a TKO loss to until then little-known Grover Wiley in the 115th bout of his career, retiring in his corner before the start of the 5th round, after injuring his right hand.

What was Julio Cesar Chavez best fight?

#1 Meldrick Taylor Vs Julio Cesar Chavez this was the greatest fight between two fighters in their prime. the night Julio Cesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor met in the ring was the best thing to happen for Chavez and the worst thing happen to Taylor.

What happened to Meldrick Taylor?

Taylor was hospitalized for four days after the fight, ESPN reported in 2015, and he was diagnosed with a facial fracture, dehydration, and blood in his urine. “All Taylor had to do was stand for two seconds and he would have won the fight,” ESPN wrote.

How many fights did Julio Cesar Chavez fight?

115Julio César Chávez / Total Fights

How many times did Chavez and Taylor fight?

In March 1990, in Las Vegas, Chavez tried to consolidate his reputation north of the border by taking on Meldrick Taylor, a 1984 Olympic gold-medal winner with lightning-fast hands and no losses in 25 pro fights. A convincing victory over Taylor would have forever cemented Chavez’s greatness.

Did Mayweather fight Chávez?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER confirmed he will not return for an exhibition fight against Julio Cesar Chavez – despite appearing to shake hands on it. The legendary boxers were both in attendance at the WBC convention where the governing bodies’ president announced the agreement. Chavez and Floyd.

Who beat Meldrick Taylor?

fighter Julio Cesar Chavez
That was before legendary Mexican Hall of Fame fighter Julio Cesar Chavez beat Taylor dramatically and controversially by 12th round TKO in the final five seconds of the fight, in March of 1990. After that night in Vegas, Taylor was never really the same from the beating he took from Chavez over the 12 rounds,.