Who sang Valerie in the 50s?

Who sang Valerie in the 50s?

Valerie by Jackie & Starlites.

Is Valerie by The Zutons the original?

Meet Valerie Star – the subject of The Zutons’ classic track, which was made famous by Mark Ronson and the late Amy Winehouse. As Vice reports, Valerie Star was dating The Zutons’ frontman Dave McCabe, but lived in Florida at the time and found herself in trouble with the law, which prevented them being together.

Is Valerie a Motown song?

The success of “Let’s Go Get Stoned” brings Val and Nick to Motown’s attention. Val and Nick record their winning version in early autumn and they begin producing their compositions at Motown, still supplying backing vocals and Val’s piano.

Who wrote Valerie Steve Winwood?

Steve Winwood
Will Jennings

How many versions of the song Valerie are there?

We are talking about the song “Valerie” written by the band The Zutons in 2006 and then released by Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse and a third version was released by Amy Winehouse as a B-Side for her Back to Black album. The song first appeared on the Zutons second album, ‘Tired of Hanging Around’, in 2006.

Who is Valerie star?

Valerie Star is a celebrity beauty expert specializing in celebrity Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling & Nail Artistry. Valerie’s work includes everything from print, film, video, multimedia, fashion, editorial, runway, avant-garde and red carpet.

Where was the movie Valerie filmed?

Anita Ekberg stars as “Valerie,” filmed on the Upper Iverson by Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Ernest Laszlo — and a toast to Hugh O’Brian. I recently ran across the Sterling Hayden-Anita Ekberg Western “Valerie,” a bigger-budget United Artists production filmed on location on the Iverson Movie Ranch in 1957.

Was Valerie Carter ever married?

In the December 11, 1999, issue of Billboard, a marriage was announced between Carter and Seth Katz, a television executive with Sony, taking place on November 26, 1999, in Montclair, New Jersey.

Is Valerie a remake?

When Winehouse played the Zutons’ original “Valerie” for him — just five minutes before they recorded her remake in a New York studio — Ronson was actually unimpressed. “The first time I heard it, I was like, ‘Um, OK. When Winehouse, Ronson, and the Dap-Kings all convened in the same Brooklyn studio on Dec.

Why is Amy Winehouse not in Valerie video?

Amy Winehouse did not appear in the video because by that time she was deep into her heroin addiction.

What year was Valerie released?

2007Valerie / Released

Who are the singers in the Valerie video?

Robert Hales.

  • Zena Ahmed. Mark Ronson. Amy Winehouse.
  • Who wrote the song Valerie sung by Amy Winehouse?

    “Valerie” is a song written by English indie rock band The Zutons from their second studio album Tired of Hanging Around (2006).

    Who was the original singer of Valerie?

    “Valerie” is a song written by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings and originally recorded by Winwood for his third solo album Talking Back to the Night , in 1982. The song deals with a man reminiscing about a lost love he hopes to find again someday.

    Who sings Valerie the song?

    “Valerie” is a song written by the English band The Zutons for the band’s second album, Tired of Hanging Around (2006). In 2007, Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse recorded a version for Ronson’s album Version.

    Who sang Come on over Valerie?

    “Valerie” is a song written by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings and originally recorded by Winwood for his third solo album, Talking Back to the Night , in 1982.