Who is the secretary of Indian Affairs?

Who is the secretary of Indian Affairs?

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Agency overview
Employees 4,569 (FY2020)
Annual budget $2.159 billion (FY2021)
Agency executives Bryan Newland, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Darryl LaCounte, Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Parent agency United States Department of the Interior

Who is secretary of MEA?


Name Designation Telephone
Harsh Vardhan Shringla [IFS: 1984] Foreign Secretary 23012318, 23012196
Sanjay Bhattacharyya [IFS: 1987] Secretary [CPV & OIA] 23088134
Mrs. Reenat Sandhu [IFS: 1989] Secretary [West] 23015155, 23010356
Saurabh Kumar [IFS: 1989] Secretary [East] 23012370, 23012760

What is the difference between Foreign Secretary and foreign minister?

The formal title of the top official varies between countries. In the United States it is “Secretary of State.” The foreign minister typically reports to the head of government (such as prime minister or president).

What did the Bureau of Indian Affairs do?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is the primary federal agency charged with carrying out the United States’ trust responsibility to American Indian and Alaska Native people, maintaining the federal government-to-government relationship with the federally recognized Indian tribes, and promoting and supporting tribal …

Who created the Five Civilized Tribes?

Background on the Dawes Commission The Dawes Act of February 8, 1887 marks a turning point in determining tribal citizenship. This Act developed a Federal commission tasked with creating Final Rolls for the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma (Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles).

What is role of Foreign Secretary?

The role of Foreign Secretary is as follows: To act as the administrative head of the Ministry of External Affairs. The responsibility in this regard is complete and undivided. To act as the chief adviser to the Minister of External Affairs on all aspects of policy and administrative affairs.