Who is stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap?

Who is stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap?

the Pennsylvania National Guard
Today, Fort Indiantown Gap serves as headquarters for the Pennsylvania National Guard and continues its role as a major reserve component training post with more than 100,000 personnel training there annually.

How many are buried at Fort Indiantown Gap?

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

Size 677 acres (274 ha)
No. of graves 60,000 +
Website Official
Find a Grave Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

Is Indiantown Gap open?

Closed federal holidays except Memorial Day. Visitation Hours: Open daily from dawn to dusk.

What county is Fort Indiantown Gap in?

Lebanon CountyFort Indiantown Gap / County
Fort Indiantown Gap is located in historic Pennsylvania Dutch country in central Pennsylvania. The installation is situated on the borders of Lebanon County, a largely rural county, and Dauphin County, the seat of the state capital of Harrisburg located 22 miles away.

What happened at Indiantown Gap?

Fort Indiantown Gap was chosen on two separate occasions as a refugee resettlement camp. In 1975, more than 20,000 Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees were housed at the post until they were processed for sponsorship in the local area and across the United States.

When did Fort Indiantown Gap open?

Established in 1931, Fort Indiantown Gap was built as a National Guard training center. During World War II, it was used as a training site for seven Army divisions, and also as a demobilization site once the war was over.

How did Fort Indiantown Gap get its name?

The name “Indiantown Gap” was fashioned from the Native American presence and geography. “Indiantown” is derived from the many Native American villages that existed in the vicinity of the installation and “Gap” results from the separation in the Blue Mountains that was used as a shortcut to Shamokin.

Can you drive through Fort Indiantown Gap?

The Gap is adjacent to Interstate 81 and visitors can currently drive through Gap roads unimpeded. The Gap currently employs a number of Lebanon County residents in civilian roles, while many county residents are aware of the nearby military training due to the reverberations of artillery training.

Why is it called Indiantown Gap?

What is the zip code for Fort Indiantown Gap PA?

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