Who is nk Palkhivala?

Who is nk Palkhivala?

Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala (16 January 1920 – 11 December 2002) was an Indian jurist and liberal economist….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Nani Palkhivala
Died 11 December 2002 (aged 82) Mumbai, India
Occupation Jurist, Economist
Nationality Indian
Period 20th century

Was Nani Palkhivala married?

The couple was childless. Close friends say that after his wife died, Palkhivala had lost the desire to live. Nani Palkivala, who was born on January 16, 1920,was one of the country”s finest jurists. A constitutional expert, he fought several famous cases relating to fundamental rights in India as well as abroad.

When was Nani Palkhivala born?

January 16, 1920Nanabhoy Palkhivala / Date of birth

Why is Nani Palkhivala famous?

Nanabhoy ‘Nani’ Ardeshir Palkhiwala was a renowned lawyer who fought some of the most crucial battles in Indian Constitutional history defending the fundamental rights of the people, among other things.

What does Nani Palkhivala say about the government?

Political freedom and civil liberty are the keystones of the Indian Constitution. Our Constitution is primarily shaped and moulded for the common man.

Why does Nani Palkhivala call the Earth the ailing planet?

Nani Palkhivala calls the earth “The Ailing Planet” because: Day by day there is a decrease in the health of the earth.

What does Nani Palkhivala focus on his article?

The legend of Palkhivala has its roots mostly in the subsequent cases he would appear for in the Supreme Court, in particular the Keshavanda Bharati case. Palkhivala would undertake this mission in courts through a string of constitutional law cases that focuses on fundamental rights.

What does Nani Palkhivala focus on in his article Mcq?

This chapter focuses on the factors that are responsible for the declining health of the earth. The chapter was originally an article written by Nani Palkhivala which was published in the newspaper ‘The Indian Express’ on November 23, 1994.

Why does Nani Palkhivala compare the earth to a patient?

Why does Nani Palkhivala call the earth ‘The Ailing Planet’? How can the ailing planet survive? Answer: The signs of the earth connected with life necessary for staying alive show that the earth is a patient in declining health.

What does Nani Palkhivala focus on in his article?

How Nani Palkhivala has emphasized the importance of forest for the survival of all sorts of life on Earth?

Nani Palkhivala reminds us of the famous saying forests precede mankind, the deserts follow. The best forests on the earth are the tropical forests. The great wealth is now eroding at the rate of forty to fifty million acres a year. The poor cut the forests for the sake of firewood.

What does Nani Palkhivala call the earth?