Who is Lucius in the gladiator?

Who is Lucius in the gladiator?

Spencer Treat Clark
Spencer Treat Clark as Lucius Verus: The young son of Lucilla. He is named after his father Lucius Verus, who was co-emperor until AD 169. He is also the grandson of Marcus Aurelius. He idolizes Maximus for his victories in the arena.

Is Lucius Maximus son in Gladiator?

While Crowe’s Maximus character met his end in the classic original film, Gladiator 2 will follow the continuing story of Lucius, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), The youth was the nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the weaselly son of Roman leader Marcus Aurelius who murdered his father seized the throne and …

What happened to Lucius in Gladiator?

He enjoyed to watch the Gladitorial Games, and enjoyed learning about ancient Roman history from his uncle, Commodus. He had to watch the death of his uncle at the hands of Maximus, who also was killed by mortal wounds. Historically, he died at a very young age.

Who is Lucius Verus father in Gladiator?

Lucius Ceionius Commodus
Lucius was the son of a senator, Lucius Ceionius Commodus, whom the emperor Hadrian adopted as his successor under the name Lucius Aelius Caesar. When Ceionius died on Jan. 1, 138, Hadrian designated Antoninus Pius as his successor.

Did Commodus sleep with his sister in Gladiator?

In 182 or 183, after two or three years of Commodus’ reign, his sister Lucilla hatched a plan to murder her brother. Since Commodus was sleeping with Quadratus’ wife and Quadratus was sleeping with Lucilla, we can imagine that Quadratus had rather complex feelings about the whole situation.

Why does Maximus smell the dirt?

Maximus’ Gladiator dirt ritual may, at a glance, look similar to modern athletes rubbing chalk – covering their hands in the stuff for better grip. After his betrayal and enslavement, the feel and smell of dirt becomes a reminder of everything stolen from Maximus by Commodus, inciting a deep desire for vengeance.

Who are the actors in the movie Gladiator?

Gladiator is a 2000 British-American epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott and written by David Franzoni, John Logan, and William Nicholson. The film was co-produced and released by DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures. It stars Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Ralf Möller, Oliver Reed (in his final role),

Who played Lucilla in Gladiator?

Connie Nielsen In ‘Gladiator’, Connie Nielsen played Lucilla, the eldest sister of Emperor Commodus. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Slideshow continues on the next slide

Who played Commodus in Gladiator?

Slideshow continues on the next slide. 5/25 SLIDES © Showbizz Daily. Joaquin Phoenix. In ‘Gladiator’, Joaquin Phoenix played the emperor’s son Commodus, who kills his father (Marcus Aurelius) in order to take the throne in place of Maximus.

Who did Russell Crowe play in Gladiator?

In the film, Russell Crowe played the Roman general Maximus who, after being betrayed by Commodus, the son of emperor Marcus Aurelius, became a slave and a gladiator. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.