Who is JVD?

Who is JVD?

WHO WE ARE? JVD is a French company which designs and manufactures collective and hospitality hygiene equipment and solutions, designed for all and made to last. These ingenious, attractive products are developed with care and tested by our teams, for the well-being and comfort of their users.

What is jjjvd and how is it treated?

JVD is simply the visible “bulging” of the external jugular veins on either side of the neck. These are large veins that drain blood from the head and return it directly to the heart.

What does jugular vein distention (JVD) look like?

What it Looks Like: Jugular Vein Distention. If the patient is supine, a total lack of visible JVD is actually pathological and indicative of low volume; in this position the jugular veins are usually well-filled. (Think: flat veins in a flat patient is bad.) JVD when the head is elevated is more to our interest.

Why is JVD so often seen in EMS?

Although it’s probably most often seen, and most diagnostic, in volume-overloaded CHF patients, the main reason JVD is harped upon in EMS is because it’s a useful sign of several acute emergencies.