Where is Scapa whiskey from?

Where is Scapa whiskey from?

Scapa distillery is a Scotch whisky distillery on The Mainland of Orkney, Scotland on the shore of Scapa Flow near the town of Kirkwall. Scapa is the second-northernmost whisky distillery in Scotland, 1⁄2 mile (800 metres) south of the Highland Park Distillery.

Who owns Scapa distillery?

Chivas Brothers
Scapa, the artisanal Orcadian single malt Scotch whisky owned by Chivas Brothers, has today unveiled its first-ever distillery visitor centre as it seeks to educate malt connoisseurs about its unique production process, provenance and quality.

Is Scapa whiskey good?

Based on 34 votes, the average rating for Scapa The Orcadian Glansa is 7.6/10. Top reviews for Scapa The Orcadian Glansa: ― A very nice and smooth drink, an easy one for the beginner to really learn about flavours without being put off by overpowering tastes.. ― Smooth, nice vanilla ending.

What does Scapa mean?

Acronym. Definition. SCAPA. Study of Community Acquired Pneumonia Aetiology.

Who owns Highland Park distillery?

Edrington Group
Edrington Group, the parent company of the Macallan and Highland Park, is buying the Glenrothes brand from British wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Where is the Scapa Flow?

Orkney Islands
Scapa Flow, extensive landlocked anchorage in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, which lie off the northern tip of the Scottish mainland.

How long is Scapa aged?

Scapa – Highland Single Malt (old bottling) 8 year old Whisky

Distillery Scapa Age
Description Highland Single Malt (old bottling) Vintage
Cask Wood Oak Year Bottled
Packaging Unboxed Cask Strength
Bottler Gordon and MacPhail HTFW Cat. No.

What does Skiren mean?

Norse skir or skiren, clear, bright.