What was Say Something written about?

What was Say Something written about?

Originally released in early September, “Say Something” was written at a time when both members of A Great Big World were experiencing individual heartbreak. Writing the song was part of the healing process, says Axel, and the duo is still getting used to the wide-range affinity for such a personal tune.

Who is the guy standing at the piano in the Say Something video?

With bandmates Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino on a piano, the somber clip about love lost features Aguilera in a minimalistic black dress and natural make-up, reminiscent of her “Beautiful” days.

Who Wrote Say Something by A Great Big World?

Ian Axel
Chad KingMike Campbell
Say Something/Lyricists

Who did the song Say Something?

A Great Big WorldSay Something / ArtistA Great Big World is an American musical duo from New York made up of singer/songwriters Ian Axel and Chad King and signed to Epic Records. Wikipedia

Who wrote song Say Something?

Say Something/Composers

When was the song Say Something released?

2014Say Something / Released

What is the meaning of Say Something by Justin Timberlake?

The two talked about the album’s latest single, a duet with Chris Stapleton called “Say Something,” which focuses on wanting to speak but not having anything to say. Timberlake told Lowe the song was inspired by “recent misunderstandings.” “It was the first song we wrote together.

What is the meter for Say Something?

A very popular modern pop tune in easy-to-count 12/8. I can attest — I’ve used this song in my classroom to demonstrate a musical concept, and it worked. Last week, I introduced the concept of 6/8 time to my beginning band students.

When did the song Say Something come out?

What does Justin Timberlake say at the end of Say Something?

By the end Justin said, ‘Hey, what if we add a choir of 50 people? ‘” De la Villéon: “On Thursday we called around rental companies in Los Angeles to get all the gear. We also were present at band rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday.

When did Say Something by Drake come out?

2010Say Something / Released

What is the meaning of Say Something?

Say means to speak, so any time you utter a word, you’re saying it. Someone could quote you as saying “dogs should be worshipped.” You can say something with your body language, too. Like most common words, say is very old, coming from the Old English sęcgan, meaning “to tell.”

Who originally sang say something?

“Say Something” is a song recorded by American producer, songwriter and rapper Timbaland, for his third studio album Shock Value II (2009). The song features vocals from Canadian rapper Drake.

What are the lyrics to the song Say Something?

“Say Something” is a slow-tempo piano ballad that talks about a breakup, where the lover is implored to make a statement that could potentially cause the singer to change their mind, with the singers expressing humility, sadness and regret.

What does the song meant to be mean?

The song is meant to be interpreted differently by everyone. It’s meant to inspire you to go and complete whatever task you feel the need to, or to fill any holes you sense in your life, not to become religious or convert to Christianity. Sorry, that was supposed to be “selfless atheists”, not “selfish atheists”.

What does the song Hear you Me Mean?

Hear You Me is a song from Jimmy Eat World’s self titled album. It was also included in Cindrella Story soundtrack. “This song is about Mykel and Carli Allen, the women who ran the Weezer fan club. They died in a car accident driving back from a Weezer concert.