What two dogs make a Lurcher?

What two dogs make a Lurcher?

Lurchers are usually a cross between a sighthound breed – such as Greyhound, Saluki or Whippet – and a Collie or Terrier. Because they’re a mixed breed, no two Lurchers are the same – in looks or temperament.

Are Lurchers aggressive dogs?

NOTE: Lurchers are generally good-natured, but can and do fight under certain circumstances, especially if stressed, or defending territory, or if they’ve had an abusive background. Lurchers may have long, slender muzzles, but they still have serious teeth.

What is the best Lurcher cross?

The breeds generally crossed to produce a lurcher include all the so-called gazehounds – greyhound, whippet, saluki, borzoi, afghan – and something different. Bull-terrier types are often included to give what the poachers call gameness, while collie blood adds brains to the mix.

Why are lurchers called lurchers?

The lurcher is a cross-bred dog, normally between a Greyhound and a Collie or sheepdog. The word ‘lurcher’ is derived from the medieval French lerce Lurcher was first used with this meaning in 1668 from the verb ‘lurch’ — ‘lurk’.

Do lurchers smell?

So a lurcher, longdog or sighthound is also a scenthound in its way, whether you like it or not. A specific scenthound breed might be better at following a smell than the average lurcher, but unless trained, not phenomenally better than a Chilli, who does pretty well.

Why are Lurchers called Lurchers?

Do Lurchers shed hair?

Many lurchers have a single layer of hair, and thus technically have hair coats rather than fur coats. Such dogs have a short coat with limited shedding which needs little maintenance. Whilst anyone can be allergic to any dog, short-haired lurchers can be a good choice for the slightly sensitive amongst you.

Do Lurchers smell?

Are lurchers big dogs?

Lurchers are usually big-sized dogs. Their appearance depends a lot upon the parents. Most lurchers are crosses between the greyhound, Irish wolfhound, whippet, or Saluki and other dog breeds, like any of the terrier breeds or herding breeds. Generally, these dogs get their long and lean body from the sighthound.

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