What to do in Yebisu Garden?

What to do in Yebisu Garden?

Yebisu Garden Place’s attractions include the the excellent Yebisu Beer Museum, where visitors can join a tour to learn the history of the beer which gave its name to the area. The Beer Station restaurant, on your right as you enter from the Yebisu Sky Walk, serves Yebisu beer and western-style food.

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Were Koreans forced to speak Japanese?

22, 1910, Korean newspapers were closed or censored heavily, Japanese language and culture were taught in schools, and Koreans were forced to take Japanese names.

Is hugging OK in Japan?

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How to get to Yebisu Garden Place?

Yebisu Garden Place is a five minute walk from the east exit of Ebisu Station, one station south of Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line. It is connected with the station by the well marked “Yebisu Skywalk”. Questions? Ask in our forum. Enjoy each room’s luxurious furnishings and attached bath/vanity in one of Tokyo’s premier hotels.

What is Yebisu (Yebisu)?

“Yebisu” is now one brand of the Sapporo line of beers and you can learn all about it and of course “taste” all about it by visiting the museum. Also, check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography located here as well.

What happened to Ebisu Garden Place?

After Garden Place was built, (for better or for worse) Ebisu suddenly underwent a complete transformation and suddenly became “upscale” and “trendy.” Now that the “newness” of Garden Place has long worn off, it still has “shine” but without the crowds.

What is the Museum of Yebisu Beer?

The Museum of Yebisu Beer commemorates the original brewery, displays exhibits about the history and science of beer brewing in Japan and the world and offers beer tasting. The museum is free to enter, but regular paid guided tours are also offered and include beer tasting.