What is the pattern of MPSC exam?

What is the pattern of MPSC exam?

More specifically, the MPSC Exam is commenced in three stages: MPSC Prelims Exam- 2 papers- 400 marks. MPSC Mains Exam- 6 papers- 800 marks. MPSC Interview- 100 marks.

Is Maharashtra PSI exam tough?

The exam is a tough exam due to many factual questions being asked in it unlike UPSC. The exam is also tough for non Marathi candidates and English medium candidates.

How many exams are there in MPSC?

Annually, MPSC conducts about 15 examinations for Class I,II and III officiers in various government services.

What is syllabus for MPSC?

Maharashtra and India- Constitution, Political System, Urban Governance, Polity and Governance, Panchayati Raj, Rights Issue etc. India, Maharashtra and world geography- Social, Economic, Physical as well Geography of Maharashtra. General Science, Social and Economic Development, Climate Change, Biodiversity etc.

Which is highest post in MPSC?

Which is highest post in MPSC?

  • MPSC मध्ये सर्वात मोठी post ही Deputy collector ची आहे .
  • The Highest post in MPSC Exam is Deputy collector.

Can I become IAS through MPSC?

The basic difference in both the exams is UPSC is a national level exam in which all the students are eligible to apply but MPSC is restricted to Maharashtra state only. The officers selected through UPSC are designated as IAS and IPS and officers selected through MPSC are designated as Deputy Collector.

Can I crack MPSC in 3 months?

Yes…. But proper guidance is much more needed all through the year so that you do not loose tempo of the preparation. Simply spending an year on the studies of this exam will not do any good to you. You need constant efforts, coupled with a good study material.

What is MPSC success rate?

“Sixty to seventy percent of students who were successful in MPSC over the past two years have been from Pune.” Every district has 20–30 successful candidates, but Pune alone has over 1000 with a 70 percent success ratio. Which is the highest in Maharashtra state, with more candidates than Nagpur or Mumbai.

Which post is best in MPSC?

Is Marathi compulsory in MPSC?

Yes , while appearing for MPSC ( Maharashtra Public Service Commission) you must be able to read , write and speak marathi. It is mandatory. In short you must have knowledge of marathi language.

Is Marathi compulsory for MPSC?

What is salary of PSI in Maharashtra?

MPSC Group B Police Sub Inspector Salary 2021 The candidates who are selected for the post of PSI will receive a MPSC Subordinate Services salary of INR 38,600 to INR 1,22,800 per month.