What is scp-999?

What is scp-999?

SCP-999, also known as ” The Tickle Monster “, is a Safe-class SCP under the SCP Foundation ‘s containment. It is known for its adorable appearance and friendly attitude. It is one of the most, if not the most friendly anomaly in the Foundation.

Where can I find scp-895?

SCP-895, nicknamed “Camera Disruption”, or “The Coffin”, or “Devil’s Coffin”, is an SCP that can be encountered in SCP – Containment Breach. SCP-895 is an ornate oak coffin recovered from an unspecified mortuary by SCP personnel following reports of unusual footage captured by surveillance equipment installed at that location.

What is the SCP-079 link?

SCP Link. SCP-079. SCP-079, referred to as the “Old AI”, is a sentient microcomputer. It is theorized that it is the cause of the containment breach and is considered the secondary antagonist of SCP – Containment Breach. Somehow, someone allowed SCP-079 to breach its containment and control the entire facility.

What does SCP 999 smell like?

Description. SCP-999 is described to be a large orange slime. If a person is very close to it, SCP-999 would jump on them, hug them softly, and while they nuzzle into the person’s face, it would let out high-pitched gurgling noises and release smells of: chocolate, fresh laundry, bacon, roses, and Play-Doh.