What is Item category usage?

What is Item category usage?

Item category Usage specifies the usage of the Item in the line item of a particular sales document. For example.

What is item usage in item category determination?

Item category notifies the behavior of a line item in a sales order i.e. whether it is taxable, free item, delivery relevant, pricing relevant etc. SAP uses item category to process a material based on sales document type and item category group of a material.

Where is the item category in material master?

This indicator is part of the link between the material master and the sales document. When you create a sales document item for this material, the combination of the item category group and the sales document type determine the item category. You can find this field on the Sales: Sales Org Data 2.

What is Item category for material in SAP?

Item category is determined by Sales order type + item category group + Usage + high level item category. SPRO >SD >Sales >sales document >sales item level–>assign item category. What you can do is, maintain 2 item category, one as default and other as Manual item category for your sales document type.

Where do we maintain item usage for item category determination?

Item category usage can also be maintained via the item categories (detail screen for item categories: Goto -> Item usage).

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How do you find the category of an item group?

In this SAP tutorials you will learn how to create item category groups in SAP SD using transaction code OVAW….Navigation Path.

SAP R/3 Role Menu Define Item Category groups
SAP IMG Path SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Item > Define item category group

What is item usage in SAP?

The usage is used to determine the ITEM CATEGORY, it is maintained in CUSTOMER MATERIAL INFO RECORDS ,in the bottom most part of the screen you can see it. Usage is used primarily for text items to go with the standard item.

What is item category in SAP FI?

Classifies the accounts for document splitting. You can use this object to classify your accounts. This is a prerequisite for document splitting in new General Ledger Accounting. In document splitting, the system uses account numbers to determine the item category of line items.

How do you define item category groups?

How to define Item Category Groups in SAP. In SAP, an item category group enables to group the related item categories in a sales document. It is assigned to a master material record through material types and linked to SD through an item category determination rule.

What is item category in SAP MM?

Definition. The item category determines whether the material defined in a purchase order item: Requires a material number. Requires an account assignment.