What is Focusrite Saffire?

What is Focusrite Saffire?

Saffire from Focusrite is a FireWire interface with onboard DSP and 24-bit/192kHz analog to digital and digital to analog converters. Four inputs (two digital) and 10 outputs (two digital) with fold-back and monitoring options ensure the engineer has all he/she needs to navigate through a modern recording session.

What is Focusrite Pro?

About Focusrite Pro. Focusrite Audio Engineering has pioneered professional audio recording technology spanning almost three decades. Focusrite Pro, the company’s professional and commercial division, meets the demands of recording, post-production, live sound and broadcast professionals.

Is the Saffire Pro 40 still good?

The Saffire Pro 40s still work, but drivers will be an issue going forward for Windows PCs. I’d recommend the 18i20 or the Clarett 8pre USB in a heartbeat. The only plus with the Saffire is that you will have slightly better latency with Firewire than USB, but we’re talking maybe 5 ms.

Does focusrite work with Mac?

Do I need Focusrite Control? 2i2 and Solo interfaces are class compliant on Mac computers. That means they will work with the default Mac drivers and only need Focusrite Control for remote control or adjusting settings.

Is the Focusrite Scarlett worth it?

We believe that the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is the perfect audio interface for most people. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is extremely easy to plug and play and has a very small footprint. You can easily fit it in a laptop shoulder bag for mobile recording. It works great with devices like PC, Mac, iPads, and phones.

What makes FocusRite Saffire PRO 26 I/O so special?

Focusrite take their Firewire interface range to a new level with the competitively priced Saffire Pro 26 I/O. Focusrite’s original Saffire Firewire audio interface was a great first product for the company in the audio interface market sector.

How many Saffire pros can be connected to one FireWire port?

Multiple units can be stacked to get even more I/O, but Focusrite advise against daisy-chaining more than three Saffire Pros on the same Firewire port because of Firewire bandwidth issues.

Is the Saffire PRO Buss-powered?

Right, Focus… Described by Focusrite as a portable interface, the Saffire Pro is buss-powered, but also comes with a ‘lump in the line’ power adaptor, which connects to the unit via a locking connector, for stand-alone use or for where mains power is to hand.

How do I use the Saffire PRO with my sequencer?

Normally the Saffire Pro will be used with a computer, and if you don’t need the flexibility the control software provides, you can simply use it as a multi-channel audio interface where the sequencer inputs and outputs are routed directly to the correspondingly numbered Saffire inputs and outputs.