What is ekna?

What is ekna?

EKNA’s mission is to organize the voice, concerns, and the action of East Kensington (EK) residents. Geographically, EK is bounded by Norris Street to the South, Frankford and Trenton Ave. to the East, Lehigh Ave. to the North, and Front Street/Kensington Ave. to the West. Our general meeting is held on the 3rd Monday of every month .

What are bylaws?

What are bylaws? Bylaws are the written rules that control the internal affairs of an organization. Bylaws generally define things like the group’s official name, purpose, requirements for membership, officers’ titles and responsibilities, how offices are to be assigned, how meetings should be conducted, and how often meetings will be held.

Is by-laws dead?

And although its predecessor used by-laws, the new Massachusetts Business Corporation Act, effective 2004, uses bylaws. So I say by-laws is dead. Long live bylaws!

How can I get my board familiar with the bylaws?

Getting together as a group from time to time to go over your bylaws and, if necessary, amend them will insure that your board, officers, and members remain familiar with the bylaws.