What is an EASA Part 147?

What is an EASA Part 147?

Part 147 regulates the approval of maintenance training organisations and Part 66 regulates Certifying Staff. Knowing how to construct your Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition and to write and control training material that meets regulatory requirements is fundamental to maintaining your approval.

What is a Part 147?

Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation Approval is the European standard fort the approval of maintenance training organisations and it has two parts; basic training and aircraft type rating training. The basic training covers requirements for the issue of a Part 66 aircraft maintenance licence.

How do I get EASA Part 147?

In order to apply for an EASA Part 147 Approval, it is required to send an application EASA form 12 together with a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the organisation (translated in English where necessary).

What is EASA Part camo?

Annex Vc (Part CAMO) of this regulation concerns the continuing airworthiness management for organisations relating to all types of aircraft of EASA aircraft but is a mandatory requirement for the management of Complex Motor Powered Aircraft (CMPA), and/or aircraft used by a Licensed Air Carrier.

What information is given in AMC to Appendix III to part-147?

Further information is given in AMC to Appendix III to Part-147 “Certificates of Recognition referred to in Annex IV (Part-147) – EASA Forms 148 and 149. Is it possible to grant a Part-147 approval to a training organisation which intend to conduct only basic knowledge examinations?

Does EASA part-147 apply to individuals working at/for organisations?

Personnel working at/for organisations approved in accordance with EASA Part-147 are not listed in paragraph 6 of article 4, therefore such organisations are not required to implement mandatory/voluntary reporting systems according to Regulation (EU) No 376/2014.

Who is a competent authority under Part 147 of the AMC?

AMC/GM TO ANNEX IV (PART-147) TO REGULATION (EU) No 1321/2014. Page 4 of 31 AMC 147.1. A competent authority may be a ministry, a national aviation authority, or any aviation body designated by the Member State and located within that Member State.

When did AMC & GM to lycars – Part 147 come out?

AMC & GM to LYCARs – Continuing Airworthiness – Part 147 Initial Issue 2 August 2016 SUBPART B – ORGANISATIONAL REQUIREMENTS AMC 147.A.100 (i) Facility requirements 1.