What is aeroelastic model?

What is aeroelastic model?

An aeroelastic model of the wing/engine system of a large commercial aircraft is established. Taking into account the engine inertia force and thrust, static aeroelastic deformation of the wing structure and load distributions including shear force, bending moment and torque are studied.

What is torsional divergence?

Torsional divergence, also called lateral buckling, can occur on airfoils or bridge decks. Like galloping, it can be modeled by using aerodynamic properties measured on the body at rest. Wind Effects on Structures: Modern Structural Design for Wind, Fourth Edition.

What is aeroelastic divergence?

Static aeroelasticity Divergence is a phenomenon in which the elastic twist of the wing suddenly becomes theoretically infinite, typically causing the wing to fail.

What is aeroelastic simulation?

Aeroelastic simulations consist of three parts, i.e., aerodynamics, structural dynamics, and the fluid/structure interface. Computational Structural Dynamics (CSD) can be solved based on unreduced Degrees-Of-Freedoms (DOFs) of the Finite Element model or reduced structural modes.

What is aeroelastic stability?

Blade flutter is an aeroelastic instability caused by the interaction between a blade vibration and the resulting unsteady pressure distributions on the blades.

What is aeroelastic stability of aircraft?

Aeroelasticity is the branch of physics and engineering studying the interactions between the inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces occurring while an elastic body is exposed to a fluid flow. Aircraft are prone to aeroelastic effects because they need to be lightweight and withstand large aerodynamic loads.

What is divergence Aeroelasticity?

Divergence. Divergence occurs when a lifting surface deflects under aerodynamic load in a direction which further increases lift in a positive feedback loop. The increased lift deflects the structure further, which eventually brings the structure to the point of divergence.

How are mechanical resonance and aeroelastic flutter similar?

Both of them are related to overlap of external excitation frequency and Natural frequency then increase in amplitude even inifite amplitude theorytically.