What is a Stevens Model 320 worth?

What is a Stevens Model 320 worth?

Savage Stevens 320 Security Pump Shotgun -The Stevens 320 shotgun is loaded with hard-hitting features, including a smooth, reliable pump action, proven rotary bolt and dual slide-bars….1 of 7.

Price $229.99
Item# 1298155 MPN: 19485
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3in
Capacity 4+1

What gauge is a Stevens 320?

12 Gauge
The Stevens 320 shotguns are well-built imported models carefully selected for their performance and value and provide many features only found on more expensive models….Notify Me When Available.

Caliber/Gauge 12 Gauge
Safety Manual
Chamber 3″
Choke Cylinder Bore

Is a Stevens 320 rifled?

Savage Stevens 320 Field Grade Pump Shotgun -The Stevens 320 Field Grade Youth shotgun is chambered in 20 gauge with a 5+1 capacity. It has an 22″, carbon steel barrel and black synthetic stock. The receiver and barrel have a black finish….1 of 5.

Price $229.99
Chamber 3in
Capacity 4+1
Barrel Length 28in
Lop 14.25in

Who makes the Stevens 320?

Savage Arms
The Savage Arms® Stevens 320 Security 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun with Heat Shield is a pump-action shotgun that is designed for home defense. The shotgun has an 18.5″ barrel and a 5-round capacity.

Does the Stevens 320 security have a choke?

With dual slide bars and a bottom-load receiver, the Savage Arms Stevens 320 Security Pump-Action 12 Gauge Shotgun is maximized for defensive purposes. Its magazine can fit 5+1 rounds, and it comes with a fixed cylinder bore choke tube.

How many shells does a Stevens 320 hold?

The 3-inch chamber will accept either 2 3/4 or 3 inch 12-gauge shells, and the magazine will hold up to four shells, though a plug is provided in order to limit capacity to two.

Does the Stevens 320 have a choke?

Answer: You are good to go; Stevens does NOT manufacture chokes, many other companies do ie HR, these are compatible and work/fit perfectly.

What type of choke does a Stevens 320 use?

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Gun Model Choke Interchange
Stevens 67-E Browning Invector standard threads
Stevens 320 Browning Invector standard threads
Stoeger 20000 Beretta/Benelli standard threads
Stoeger P-350 Beretta/Benelli standard threads

What choke does a Stevens 320 12 gauge come with?

Stevens 320 use the Browning Invector (not invector plus or DS) choke tubes. Any of the 12G tubes on this page will fit or actual Browning Invector models.