What happened to Northern Rock savings accounts?

What happened to Northern Rock savings accounts?

What has happened? Virgin Money has bought Northern Rock from the government for £747m in cash – this will see its customers and branches transfer to the Virgin Money brand.

Is Northern Rock now Virgin Money?

Northern Rock is being sold to Virgin Money for £747m, the government has announced. The bank was nationalised in 2008 following its near collapse at the onset of the global credit crunch. Northern Rock plc will be rebranded as Virgin Money, which has pledged no compulsory job cuts for three years.

What bank sort code is 08 60 64?

Virgin Money
The following details need to be quoted for a BACS, FPS transfer and Standing Order: – Virgin Money sort code: 08-60-64 – Account number: your Virgin Money account number.

Does Virgin Money have a regular saver account?

This account is only available to users of the Virgin Money Home Buying Coach app. Customers can only have one Home Buying Coach Regular Saver at any time. Minimum initial and additional deposit £1.

Did Northern Rock get money back?

It now emerges that the UK government, which provided emergency funding of £37 billion for Northern Rock and then nationalised the stricken bank, has effectively got all its money back and will actually make a profit. No Northern Rock depositor lost money – the government’s last-minute rescue saw to that.

Did Northern Rock customers get their money back?

The nationalisation of Northern Rock meant that no savers with the North East-based bank lost their funds 10 years ago. Up to October 2007, and during the time of the run on Northern Rock, the safety net only guaranteed 100% protection of the first £2,000 of savings and 90% of the next £33,000.

What happened to Northern Rock customers?

Customers who remained with Northern Rock after its nationalisation will be mainly “mortgage prisoners” – customers who are trapped and unable to switch lender. This couple’s mortgage are left with Northern Rock Asset Management / UK Asset Resolution when the “good” piece of Northern Rock is sold to Virgin Money.

What is Northern Rock now called?

The combined business now operates under the Virgin Money brand. On 12 October 2012 Northern Rock plc was renamed Virgin Money plc, and Virgin Money Limited was renamed Northern Rock Limited.

What is my sort code Virgin Money?

You can find the sort code of your account on your debit card or in the Virgin Money App.

What is Virgin Money Isa sort code?

ISA questions and answers

Payment type Online accounts, Save Direct
FPS, BACS or Standing Order Sort Code: 08-60-64 Account number: Your 8 digit account number
CHAPS Sort Code: 08-02-65 Account number: 50048407 Reference: your 8 digit account number

What is Virgin Money sort code?

You can set up a standing order with your bank by giving them your Virgin Money sort code 08-60-64 and account number, along with the date you would like the funds to be sent.

What is your Virgin Money customer ID?

If you’re a Virgin Money customer who’s been using our online service for some time now, this is where you enter your Internet ID. We’ve changed the name on the site to Customer ID but don’t worry, it’s still the same Internet ID you’ve been using.