What does the term TGIF mean?

What does the term TGIF mean?

thank God it’s Friday
Informal. thank God it’s Friday.

How do I use TGIF?

TGIF is used to say that you are glad the work week is almost over. TGIF is an abbreviation for ‘Thank God it’s Friday. ‘

Is TGIF the same as Fridays?

‘TGI’ is no more. With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, some restaurants are preparing to open their doors once again. This includes the restaurant formerly known as TGI Fridays, which is reopening with a brand new identity. As well as a new, “simplified” menu, the restaurant has a brand new name: Fridays.

Is it OK to say TGIF?

The mainstream usage of the phrase “TGIF” Today, I’d say you’re more likely to hear people use the abbreviated version of the saying – “TGIF.” But, when saying the whole phrase, some may choose to either say “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” or “Thank God It’s Friday” – based on their personal preference and/or beliefs.

How do you answer TGIF?

Any nice response would do: Thanks! Cheers! Have a nice weekend! You, too!…Almost anything other than stony silence:

  1. Same to you!
  2. Back at you!
  3. Thanks! It’s finally here!
  4. Friday again?!
  5. Hope you have a great weekend!

What is TGIF called?

Thank God it’s
The restaurant is now simply known as Fridays, dropping the TGI acronym (which stands for ‘Thank God it’s’). The prefix had become “lost and confused” according to SomeOne. “It was time to be single-minded and confident,” the studio adds.

What did TGI Fridays used to be called?

It was originally known as a thriving single’s bar. TGI Fridays quickly became a prime hangout for young adults, and was often completely packed.

What does Pper stand for in health and safety?

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (PPER) came into force on 1st January 1993. Within Construction Personal Protective Equipment is often referred to as PPE, you will find this abbreviation in many CDM documents like risk assessments and method statements or safe systems of work.

What does Nie mean in texting?

Nie.. (this word and term is pronounced similar to the word knee, which is below the thigh of a leg..) “Nie is the acronym for Natural inspired evolvement”.