What does JK stand for on Jeep Wrangler?

What does JK stand for on Jeep Wrangler?

Unlike the Jeep CJ model, the precursor to the Wrangler, where “CJ” stood for Civilian Jeep, “JK” doesn’t stand for anything specific and is just engineering code to distinguish the different Wrangler generations.

What does the sway bar do on my Jeep?

What Is a Sway Bar? An In-Depth Look At Sway Bar and Performance. As mentioned, sway bars are utilized to link both sides of your vehicles’ suspensions together. Sway Bars and Your Jeep. There are certain models of vehicles which are known for the ease in which they flip over. Disconnecting Sway Bars. Adjustable Sway Bars. Popular Jeep Sway Bar Upgrades.

How does a sway bar disconnect work?

Sway Bar Disconnect Products. Without a sway bar to ensure sturdy structural support to vehicle suspension, an abrupt, sharp turn can easily make your vehicle lean heavily on the side and sort of lose its balance. This rod that links the left and right front/rear suspension gives the drive full control, as it dampens the force.

What is a sway bar on a jeep used for?

Sort By: A Jeep sway bar (sometimes called an anti-roll bar or anti-sway bar) is a crucial part on the vehicle’s suspension that helps eliminate sway – or more precisely helps prevent leaning (rolling) from one side to the other. JKS Manufacturing Adjustable End Links for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK with 0-6″ Lift $85.02

Is a Jeep Wrangler considered a truck?

While Jeep considered launching the truck as a stand-alone model (in other words, not a Wrangler-based truck), Jeep made the decision to use the long-wheelbase version of the Wrangler, fit it with a pickup bed, and add extra features.

What is a lift kit for a jeep?

The 3.5″ Jeep lift kit is designed for the Cherokee owner looking for a more aggressive look and performance, but wants to retain a stock on road ride. Their Super-Ride arms isolates road noise and vibration, keeping your Cherokee comfortable, while lifting the vehicle tall enough for 31×10.50″ tires.