What bass does Glenn Hughes use?

What bass does Glenn Hughes use?

Nash PB-57 In recent years, Glenn’s main basses are Nash Precision basses and Jazz basses. He uses a red P bass and a white one as backup.

How old is Glenn Hughes?

70 years (August 21, 1951)Glenn Hughes / Age

How long was Glenn Hughes with Deep Purple?

two-and-a half years
More videos on YouTube Of the current band, he muses: “When the Dead Daisies asked me to come in – and this is 18 months ago, before COVID – I’d done the Glenn Hughes Sings Deep Purple tour for two-and-a half years, and I wanted to do something more.

When did Glenn Hughes join Deep Purple?

In 1973, Hughes joined Deep Purple. The trailblazing hard-rock legends had just weathered the departure of vocalist Ian Gillan and bass guitarist Roger Glover, but guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice continued with the addition of Hughes and David Coverdale.

Who is Glenn Hughes married to?

Gabrielle Dotson HughesGlenn Hughes / Spouse (m. 2000)

How old is Doug Aldrich?

57 years (February 19, 1964)Doug Aldrich / Age

When did Ritchie Blackmore join Deep Purple?


Name Years active Instruments
Ritchie Blackmore 1968–1975 1984–1993 guitar
Rod Evans 1968–1969 lead vocals
Nick Simper bass backing vocals
Glenn Hughes 1973–1976 bass backing and additional lead vocals

Why did Glenn Hughes leave Deep Purple?

Glenn Hughes said he regretted leaving funk-rock band Trapeze in 1973 to join Deep Purple. “I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, but the man I’ve become because of it is really about letting go of expectations and resentment.,” Hughes told Guitar World in a recent interview.

Where was Glenn Hughes born?

Cannock, United KingdomGlenn Hughes / Place of birth

Is Doug Aldrich married?

Daniela W. AldrichDoug Aldrich / Spouse (m. 2014)