What are the Walmart tunnels?

What are the Walmart tunnels?

A popular conspiracy theory nationwide, cited by survival preparation websites, claimed with no solid evidence that Walmart was working with the U.S. Department of Human services to create a system of nationwide underground tunnels that would be used to help move people and supplies in the case of a nuclear or …

Why are Walmart stores closing?

“We’ve been closely monitoring our stores across the country, making the decision to temporarily close locations on a store-by-store basis through a collection of market-related data,” the Walmart spokesperson said, declining to confirm that there were staff COVID-19 cases at the closed locations.

Are there underground highways in the United States?

U.S. Cities with Incredible Underground Tunnel Systems. Wikipedia provides a list of tunnels in the United States numbering well over 100 across almost every state. They range from railroad tunnels to highway tunnels, along with a few that go beyond transportation and are far more interesting.

What Walmart stores are closing?

6085 W. Chandler Blvd.,Chandler,Arizona

  • 3900 W. Ina Road,Tucson,Arizona
  • 11729 Imperial Highway,Norwalk,CA. This store is expected to close at the beginning of November.
  • 1600 Saratoga Ave.,San Jose,California.
  • 8010 E.
  • 712 N.
  • 1229 NE.
  • 1775 Washington Street,Hanover,MA.
  • 1450 University Ave.
  • 17 Colby Court,Bedford,New Hampshire.
  • Why is Walmart closing?

    In case you missed it,this trend isn’t new.

  • More stores closed throughout early 2021.
  • A year later,Walmart is still shutting down stores for deep cleanings.
  • Walmart says there’s a special team that decides which locations get deep cleanings.
  • Is Walmart shutting down stores?

    The world’s largest retailer is shutting down a total of 269 stores, with 154 of them in the United States, according to a Walmart press release. The bulk of the US stores closing will be the Walmart Express stores, a small store format that has been in testing since 2011.

    Are all Walmarts closing?

    Walmart announced Friday that is closing 269 stores worldwide as it sharpens its focus on its supercenters and e-commerce business. In the United States, 154 stores will be closed, including: 102 Walmart Express stores, 6 discount centers, 12 Supercenters , 23 Neighborhood Markets, 4 Sam’s Clubs and 7 Amigo stores in Puerto Rico.