What are the effects of Harmattan?

What are the effects of Harmattan?

The Harmattan brings desert-like weather conditions: it lowers the humidity, dissipates cloud cover, prevents rainfall formation and sometimes creates big clouds of dust which can result in dust storms or sandstorms. The wind can increase fire risk and cause severe crop damage.

What is the name of the wind that blows in the cool season?

harmattan, cool dry wind that blows from the northeast or east in the western Sahara and is strongest in late fall and winter (late November to mid-March).

What are the characteristics of Harmattan?

Ans: The harmattan is a dry and dusty season that occurs over the West African nations. It is characterized by intense dryness, very little humidity, dust, and sand particles in the air and vastly fluctuating ambient temperatures all over the place.

What is Harmattan period?

The Harmattan season usually occurs between the end of November and mid March. Over the period, dry dusty northeasterly trade winds blow from the Sahara desert over the West African subregion to the Atlantic Ocean. Without doubt, the Harmattan constitutes an environmental challenge.

Can harmattan make you sick?

Harmattan, defined as “a dry, dusty easterly or north-easterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February,” is here! And the dry, cold, and dusty weather can make you sick. We should take the following necessary steps to cope with this season: Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Does harmattan cause dry throat?

During harmattan, there is an increased tendency to breathe dry air with lots of dusty particles, which leads to increased incidence of sneezing, nose bleeding, cough, catarrh, sore throat, as well as trigger attacks in asthmatic patients,” he said.

Is Chinook A cold wind?

Chinook winds – also known as Foehn winds in other parts of the world – are a type of warm, dry wind that occur on the downward slope of a mountain when warm air has lost its moisture.

What is seasonal wind?

Seasonal winds are movements of air repetitively and predictably driven by changes in large-scale weather patterns. Seasonal winds occur in many locations throughout the world. A monsoon is a wind in low-latitude climates that seasonally changes direction between winter and summer.

What is another name for harmattan?

What is another word for harmattan?

dust storm sandstorm
black blizzard devil
dust devil duster
khamsin peesash
samiel sand column

How do I combat harmattan?

Here are some tips on how to survive harmattan.

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Adjust outfits.
  3. Moisturise.
  4. Be careful with fires.
  5. Avoid dusty areas.
  6. Wear protective hairstyles.
  7. Avoid flying.

Can Harmattan cause cough?

The weather is also associated with frequent headaches, cough, cold, sore throat, sneezing, wet eyes, catarrh and general nasal tract disorder causing great discomfort, as well leads to poor visibility for drivers and pilots.

Does Harmattan cause dry throat?