What are softball refs called?

What are softball refs called?

Softball officials are known as umpires, and each has a different responsibility depending on where he covers the field. The umpires must ensure the rules of the game are followed, and there is a decisive winner and loser based on fair play and accurate calls based upon what happens in the game.

What is strike out in softball?

A strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. (A foul ball counts as a strike, but it cannot be the third and final strike of the at-bat. A foul tip, which is caught by the catcher, is considered a third strike.)

What are some offensive strategies in softball?

Several traditional offensive strategies used in Fastpitch softball to create opportunities are taking a pitch, the sacrifice bunt, the steal and the hit and run. Proper instruction is important for these offensive plays, but perfect execution is the true secret to success.

Can a batter look at the catcher?

Yes he is allowed, usually the catcher waits for the batter to set up before flashing the pitcher signals. If the batter is looking for an advantage by seeing the signals, it will definitely be obvious and is frowned upon like cheating. Some players will still try to glance to see if say a fastball is coming.

Why steal signs are wrong?

The taboo is only against the batter stealing the catcher’s signs (to the pitcher). The rationale is that it prevents the batter from knowing which pitch (fastball, curveball, etc) the pitcher is planning to deliver: the element of surprise is the pitcher’s only real competitive advantage.

What is a shift in softball?

The shift is currently set up so that the second baseman moves back and towards the first baseman, the shortstops plays on the right side of second base and the outfielder who is the best infielder fills in at short. The two remaining outfielders play center and right, leaving left field wide open.

What is UMP in softball?

Ump is an informal short form of umpire—a kind of referee who enforces the rules during certain sports, such as baseball and softball. In higher levels of baseball and softball, there are often multiple umpires on the field.