Should I use Protune on my GoPro?

Should I use Protune on my GoPro?

If you like to edit (or want to start) you should use Protune. If you just want to shoot and share, don’t use it. If you are using a GoPro as a blogger, or you’re trying to draw attention to your brand, you should be using Protune. Photos and videos will look better and be easier to edit.

How do you access Protune on GoPro?

You can select Protune by going to the Settings menu (the wrench icon) either through the camera or the GoPro App. Protune consists of a group of features that let you fine-tune GoPro capture.

Does Hero 9 have Protune?

Video Protune Options: HERO9 Black These are the Protune options available on the HERO9 Black when shooting video. * Note on manual shutter: The specific options available in the manual exposure / shutter section vary by the framerate you’ve chosen.

Which GoPro has Protune?

GoPro HERO10 Bundle – $449 Some have Protune options for both video and photo shooting. Others have it only for video. It’s generally reserved for the higher-end models such as the flagship Black editions.

Should I use Gopro color or flat?

If you shoot with the default GoPro color mode, the image will be vibrant and contrasty. If you shoot with the Flat color mode, the image will be, well, flat and the colors will look washed-out.

How to do color correction in GoPro Studio?

Color Correction in GoPro Studio is simple and intuitive. Just follow the steps below: Step 1: The first thing you have to do is setting the cam to the Protune shooting mode. Now just import and get your Protune footage converted. Step 2: Split the Image- On the right of the screen there is a split button.

What is the enhanced dynamic range in GoPro Studio?

The enhanced dynamic range would offer you a flat log like image which appears more vigorous while during color grading. No matter whether you are recording with Protune turned on or off, you will be required to adjust the colors during the time of the edit. Color Correction in GoPro Studio is simple and intuitive.

Why do my videos look too “flat” on GoPro?

Some people wonder why their videos look too “flat” or undersaturated. On GoPro this is often due to the Protune setting “flat” color which lets you record videos without any added color style. The other option (by default) is “GoPro” color which adds a specific color style directly in-camera.

What are GoPro Luts and how do they work?

If you have recorded your videos in flat mode, then the GoPro LUTs will enhance colors, contrast and exposure to match your footage with the color tone you select. So you can imagine how much these color presets help GoPro users in the editing process.