Is Pulsar NS200 good for family?

Is Pulsar NS200 good for family?

The NS 200 churns out a healthy 24.5PS at 9,750rpm and 18.5Nm of peak twist at 8,000rpm. Interestingly, the RS 200, despite the added 10kg makes the same power and makes 0.2Nm more than the NS 200….Underpinnings.

Specification Pulsar NS 200 Pulsar RS 200
Rear tyre size 130/70 – 17 130/70 – 17

Is NS200 a good bike Quora?

Yes! Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a very good motorcycle. In fact, this naked wolf is one of the most powerful 200cc bikes currently on sale in India. Pulsar 200 NS is absolutely awesome in term of performance.

Is the pulsar 180F worth it?

Especially that snap over the 150s and 160 cc’s like Apache 160, Fz and Fazer is definitely worth it. Now the Pulsar 180F is only available with semi-fairing and not in naked street, which is very much needed especially for that windblast in cruising speeds.

How is the performance of the NS 200?

Engine – ns 200 produces 23.5 bhp at 8000 rpm and 18.3 nm of torque despite being carburetted. The throttle response is sharp & the engine is rev happy in nature. It can pull up in low speeds in high gears without engine knocking. It gives a great top end performance & is able to push the bike to a whooping 155 kmph.

What is your review of Bajaj NS 200?

Bajaj launched the ns 200 back in 2012 to compete against duke 200. Despite it being a good bike, it just doesn’t sell much, bajaj decided to replace it by as 200 in 2015 & then re-launched it in 2017 with a new paint scheme and a bs-4 complaint engine. Styling – at first stance the bike looks muscular & macho.

How is the performance of the Mahindra Pulsar 180?

Milege: When ridden soft and not so aggressively the figures keepup above 40 kmpl and in highway it stretches to 45 kmpl and in average i get around 42kmpl, With Huge 15 litres tank the Range easily 500 kms. Overall: Pulsar 180 is a bike above 150cc commuters and does the work in its own style and 18 years of legacy in Indian motorcycling.