Is non life threatening hyphenated?

Is non life threatening hyphenated?

I would use two hyphens (non-life-threatening), both in the spirit of CMOS 6.80 and because “nonlife-threatening” connotes the “threat of nonlife” (i.e., death), which is the opposite of the intended meaning. In general we aim to use hyphens to promote clarity, and we don’t stand on the rules if confusion results.

Is life threatening hyphenated AP style?

Use a hyphen before proper nouns or in awkward combinations, such as non-nuclear. So it’s non life-threatening NOT non-life-threatening? Often used in our occupation…..

Does the AP Stylebook encourage the use of brackets?

Parentheses: AP style suggests avoiding parentheses when possible, and instead rewriting text or using dashes or commas to set off the information.

Do you use hyphens in AP style?

But in general: No hyphen is needed if the modifier is commonly recognized as one phrase, and if the meaning is clear and unambiguous without the hyphen. Hyphens, as AP says, are joiners, allowing a reader to see that two words share a close connection, as when two words together modify a noun.

Does life-threatening have a hyphen?

Life-threatening is a compound adjective consisting of a noun and adjective. We use a hyphen when the adjective is used attributively: It is a life-threatening thing.

Should non alcoholic be hyphenated?

For example, is it non-alcoholic beverages or nonalcoholic beverages? Generally, with common prefixes, you do not need to use a hyphen unless it would avoid possible confusion. Therefore, most writers would write nonalcoholic beverages.

Is life threatening hyphenated?

Is PM capitalized in AP Style?

AP Style time of day holds that the time descriptors “ante meridiem” (before noon) and “post meridiem” (after noon) should be abbreviated with lowercase letters and with periods (a.m. and p.m.).

Should first half be hyphenated?

So “1/2” should always be written out as one-half. (Unless it’s in a sentence like “one half of a perfect pair,” in which case it’s not a fraction.) One half need not be hyphenated when used as a noun; however, it must be hyphenated when used as an adjective: 1.

How do you spell life-threatening?

Definition of life-threatening : capable of causing death : potentially fatal a life-threatening disease/condition The injuries are serious but not life-threatening.

What is a non life-threatening emergency?

Common illnesses, such as the flu, sinus and ear infections, strep throat or pink eye. Small cuts that require stitches. Broken bones that have not pierced the skin. Animal or insect bites and stings.