Is it worth sending comics to CGC?

Is it worth sending comics to CGC?

Sending it to CGC is usually a good idea (unless it’s in very low grade). On the other hand, an Amazing Spider-Man 297 has no significance and wouldn’t be worth sending to CGC unless you have a 9.8 copy. This also applies to vintage comics.

Where do I send my comic books to be graded?

While CGC is the most popular company that grades and certifies comic books, there are two other companies that offer this service as well.

How do I submit a comic to Cbcs?

Want to submit your Comics for grading but don’t want to do all the physical paperwork?

  1. Print a Pressing Service Submission Form.
  2. Print a CBCS Standard Submission Form.
  3. Print a Signature Verified Service Submission Form.
  4. Print a Standard Submission Form for CBCS Canada.

How bad is PGX grading?

PGX – lowest price, fastest turnaround. Negative, bad reputation of over grading books. I have used PGX once for pressing and grading and all books came back PGX 9.8 and super fast turnaround times. Great service.

Where is PGX grading located?

PGX East is based in Venice, FL. Founded in 2002, PGX (Professional Grading eXperts) is the second oldest comic book grading company in the world. PGX was established to meet the growing demand for impartial, third-party grading and continues to be the fastest, most affordable grading service in the industry.

Does CGC accept submissions?

Therefore, to make it easier for anyone to submit to CGC, we are temporarily accepting direct submissions to CGC headquarters from FREE CGC members. (Normally, direct submission privileges are reserved for paid CGC members only.) Direct submissions from free members must arrive at CGC by May 31.

How can I grade my comics myself?

To grade a comic book, start by examining the cover through a magnifying glass for things like folds or fingerprints. Then, check the spine for small tears or folds, or spine break, which is a tear near the staples. Once you’ve finished checking the cover, count the pages of the comic to make sure none are missing.

Does CBCS do pressing?

Yes, CBCS does offer in-house pressing. All rates and turn around times can be found on our CBCS Pressing page.

Is CBCS as good as CGC?

CGC vs CBCS — Which Is Better? CBCS’ fees are slightly less expensive than CGC’s and sometimes its turnaround times are quite a bit faster. For modern books (post-1974), you should submit your comics to CGC, not CBCS, as CGC modern books hold their value in the marketplace much better.