Is Iggy in love with re-l?

Is Iggy in love with re-l?

He despises Proxies and blames Vincent for taking Re-L – his sole raison d’être – away from him. He develops an unusual state of both loving and hating Re-L, and locks her up to “protect” her, while he attempts to kill Vincent….

Place of Birth Romdeau
Occupation Entourage
Relations Re-L Mayer (Mistress)

Who is the antagonist of Ergo Proxy?

The main antagonist of the series, he is also Proxy One, and calls Vincent his shadow….

Proxy One
Relations Ergo Proxy
Japanese Hōchū Ōtsuka
English Dameon Clarke

Is Re-L Mayer a clone?

He eventually ends up wounded when “Real” Mayer, a clone of the original Re-l, attacks him. In the final episodes, Daedalus has been revealed to have created a fake Re-l (named “Real” Mayer) from Monad Proxy’s Amrita Cells as a replacement for the original Re-l and eventually gives her wings.

Is re-l’a human?

Re-l, in truth, is an ordinary girl; being a clone of a Proxy does not make her any less of a human. While her youth is extremely short, she goes through the various and stationary emotional stages of life. In Romdeau, emotions must always be under control.

Who was Re-L Mayer?

Re-L Mayer is the female titular protagonist of Ergo Proxy. As an investigator for the Intelligence Bureau in Romdo, she is attacked by two monsters and drawn into the mystery of the Proxies. She eventually joins Vincent Law and Pino on their quest for answers.

Is re l a clone of Monad?

Exploring what was left of the dome, Re-l found the room which the Monad Proxy had once inhabited, and Ergo Proxy took steps to keep Vincent unaware of his true form and past. She was a true clone of Monad who had been able to take the soul of the Proxy inside of her.