Is a chevrotain real?

Is a chevrotain real?

Also called the Vietnamese mouse-deer, chevrotains are actually neither deer nor mice, but they’re the smallest ungulates — or hoofed mammals — in the world, according to the GWC. It’s been a long while since this mammal has been seen in real life. Its last sighting was in 1990 in Vietnam, according to the GWC.

Do mouse deer make good pets?

Larger Malay Mouse Deer are often used as a source of food for native people. They also make good pets, for they are easily tamed.

Where can I get chevrotain?

Southeast Asia
Chevrotains are found in the warmer parts of Southeast Asia and India and in parts of Africa. They are classified into the genera Hyemoschus, Moschiola, and Tragulus. Chevrotains are shy, solitary, evening- and night-active vegetarians.

Is mousedeer a deer?

Neither mouse nor deer Delicate of build and shy by nature, this unique group of tiny hoofed mammals may lack the horns or antlers of other hoofed animals but they do sport fangs.

Why do chevrotain have fangs?

The silver-backed chevrotain, also known as the Vietnamese mouse-deer, is about the size of a large rabbit, with a silver sheen on its rump. Because chevrotains lack horns or antlers, and the fangs are especially long in males, scientists think the males use them to compete for territory and mates.

How fast can Whitetails run?

30 mphWhite-tailed deer / Speed (Maximum, Adult, Running)

Can deer be tamed?

Most species of deer can be fairly easily tamed. Opinions vary as to whether any of the deer species kept in a farmed condition are really domesticated. Many hand-reared deer can be readily handled as adults, but males become dangerous during the rut and may attack and injure people. …

How long do deer mice live in captivity?

Life Span and Predation Deer mice can live up to five years in captivity but probably only live about a year in the wild. This shorter natural life span is primarily due to the very large number of predators that take and consume deer mice.

What is the smallest breed of deer?

Pudu. Two closely related species of pudu, the northern and southern, are the smallest deer species on earth. They stand about 12 to 17 inches at the shoulder; at birth fawns are only about six inches high. And a pudu fawn is almost impossibly cute: part bunny, part Bambi, part plush toy.

Are chevrotains endangered?

Not extinctChevrotain / Extinction status

How many chevrotains are there?

There are nine species of the chevrotain in South and Southeast Asia, and one species in central Africa. Chevrotains are the smallest ungulates in the world.

What is the smallest deer in England?

Muntjacs are the smallest deer in Britain and are about 45cm at the shoulder. They have a hunched posture as their haunches are higher than their front. Their fur is generally brown although they have darker markings on their legs and face.

What kind of animal is a chevrotain?

Chevrotains, also known as mouse-deer, are small ungulates that make up the family Tragulidae, the only extant members of the infraorder Tragulina. The 10 extant species are placed in three genera, but several species also are known only from fossils. The extant species are found in forests in South and Southeast Asia,…

How much does a chevrotain weigh?

Chevrotain species vary by weight. These creatures are way smaller than any deer. Depending on the species, a chevrotain can weigh anywhere from 4 to 33 pounds. The smallest species is the lesser Malay, while the largest is the water chevrotain.

Is the greater chevrotain a seasonal breeder?

The greater chevrotain is a non-seasonal breeder; females in peninsular Malaysia give birth throughout the year. Females are able to conceive again within hours of giving birth; if conception does not occur, the estrus cycle is roughly 14 days in length.

Where do chevrotains live?

The extant species are found in forests in South and Southeast Asia, with a single species in the rainforests of Central and West Africa. They are solitary or live in pairs, and feed almost exclusively on plant material. Chevrotains are the smallest hoofed mammals in the world.