How much is a Beale piano worth?

How much is a Beale piano worth?

Older style Beale Pianos are generally valued at between $500 – $1,500 depending on their age, condition and model. Fully restored these pianos can fetch up to $5,000. Most older style Beale pianos are worth restoring.

Are old pianos valuable?

Antique pianos and organs can be valued anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It is important that sellers realize the real value difference between a restored instrument and an unrestored instrument.

Is Beale a good piano?

The UP130T is Beale’s premium upright Piano and offers full tonal quality, durability and stability, making it perfect for intermediate and advanced Pianists. Expect power and tone comparable to many Grand Pianos from this excellent top of the line upright Piano.

Are Beale pianos still made?

The Beale Piano Factory was located at 47 Trafalgar Street in Annandale, Sydney. Beale is no longer manufactured in Australia but the factory still stand today, a testament to its strength and longevity.

Where are Beale digital pianos made?

there is probably no piano factory in the world so completely self-contained as the Beale factory at Annandale, NSW.

Who makes Alex Steinbach pianos?

Samick Musical Instruments
Alex. Steinbach pianos were created by a piano company based in South Korea called Samick Musical Instruments.

Which piano should I buy?

A digital piano with fully-weighted keys is considered the best option, because its keys most closely resemble those of an acoustic piano. It is a good option for pianists who are planning to buy an acoustic piano eventually.

What is a Hapsburg Beale Piano?

The Hapsburg Beale piano was the early type of upright piano Beale imported from Germany and then sold in Australia, prior to them commencing actual piano production in this country. The piano was possibly made in Germany between 1882-1902.

What are the keys on the piano?

The last step to our piano keys chart is learning how the notes of the piano translate to sheet music. There are two different clefs you will need to learn in order to play piano: bass clef and treble clef. The lower notes on the piano will normally be notated on the bass clef and the higher notes on the treble clef.

What is a planet Wertheim Piano?

Wertheim began importing cheap German pianos and re-badging them as “The Planet” and “Habsburg Wertheim” possibly as early as 1880. Around the turn of the century, Wertheim sent his eldest son, Herbert, to learn the piano manufacturing trade in the United States and tour the continent before returning to run the new Melbourne enterprise.

Where are winwertheim pianos made?

Wertheim is an Australian brand of pianos, formerly produced in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Around 18,000 upright pianos were made in Melbourne between 1908 and 1935.