How much HP does a stock GSR have?

How much HP does a stock GSR have?

Registered. The USDM GS-R comes with 170hp stock. JDM SiR-G (Japanese equivalent of our GS-R) comes with 180hp.

How much HP does a Acura Integra have?

The Integra coupled the sharp-handling traits of the Civic and added a free-revving, twin-cam 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine packing 118 horsepower.

What engine is in the Integra Type R?

The Integra Type R is equipped with a 1.8-liter DOHC VTEC in-line 4-cylinder (B18C) engine. In the JDM Type R this engine produces 200 PS (197 hp; 147 kW) at 8,000 rpm, whereas in the US models it produces 195 hp (198 PS; 145 kW) at 8,000 rpm and 130 lb⋅ft (176 N⋅m) of torque at 5,700 rpm.

What is a GSR engine?

The GSR (GS-R), which means ‘Grand Sport Racing, is very different from all of the ones mentioned above. This type has all the features and more. Most significantly, it has a B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine, which generates 170 hp at 8000 rpm. It is a truly more powerful beast compared to the other Integras.

What is AK series engine?

The Honda K-series engine is a line of four-cylinder four-stroke car engine introduced in 2001. The K-series engines are equipped with DOHC valvetrains and use roller rockers on the cylinder head to reduce friction. At high engine speeds, both intake valves open fully to improve engine breathing.

Does a GS-R have VTEC?

Is GSR better than Type-R?

The Type R engine (B18C5) in the US produced 195 horsepower. The Type R engine has slightly higher compression, more aggressive cams, and improved intake and exhaust manifolds compared to the GSR engines. Just a few. The B18 GSR and B18C5 short blocks are identical and about the same internally.

What kind of engine is a B18C engine?

The B18C Type R engine can be identified by the red valve cover, the 4-1 header, and an intake collector. 8. B18C1 was an engine for USDM Acura Integra GSR.

How much power can a stock B18 engine handle?

If your engine is in good condition, B18C stock internals will withstand 250whp. You can even get 300whp, but reliability will be lost completely. B18B stock internals can withstand about the same. HERE you will learn what performance parts can be used to make a B18 turbo kit for 300+ WHP.

What is the power of a 125b18c engine?

B18C power was 180 HP @ 7,200 rpm, the torque of 171 Nm @ 6,200 rpm, while the redline is set to 8,400 rpm. It was developed for JDM Honda Integra SiR.

What is the compression ratio of a B18C 98 Spec R?

The compression ratio was increased to 11.1, and a new intake manifold was installed. For the B18C 98 Spec R engine, the 4-1 header was used. The power was 200 HP @ 8,000 rpm; and the torque was 186 Nm @ 7,200 rpm.