How much does an Exmark Turf Tracer weight?

How much does an Exmark Turf Tracer weight?

Enhance stability and control when using Exmark StandOn. Comes in pairs. Each weighs 9.5 pounds. Excludes Turf Tracer® X-Series.

Are Exmark walk behind mowers good?

Exmark wide-area walk-behind mowers are an investment in the long run. From the fixed-deck, gear-drive Metro to the industry-leading Turf Tracer X-Series, Exmark walk-behinds are engineered for speed, efficiency, durability and a quality of cut that are second to none.

What is a turf Tracer?

By virtually any measure, the Turf Tracer X-Series represents the definitive, full-featured hydro mower. Ground speeds up to 6.75 mph, and up to 2.25 in reverse, also rank the Turf Tracer X-Series among the most productive mowers in its class.

How much does a walk behind weigh?

Our walk-behind rough-cut mowers are much heavier than their normal self-propelled cousins. They have an average weight of 325lbs.

Who makes John Deere walk behind mowers?

John Deere is made by John Deere. There are several hundred names that can be found on the side of an MTD product, but MTD does not make any AYP, Noma, Dynamark, or Sears product. Sears in the late 80’s was made by AYP and Murry depending on model. Now they are only made by AYP.

How much does a Lazer Z weight?

Exmark Lazer Z E-series ReviewDimensions

Width 59.6 – 84.9 in.
Length 79.2 – 86.1 in.
Height 70.5 in.
Curb Weight 1118 – 1316 lbs.

Are exmark engines any good?

“The Exmark engines have been refined and proven through extensive durability and field testing,” Walters says. “We also tested the engines against similar engines from other manufacturers. Multiple comparison tests were made in heavy grass using identical mowers fitted with competitive engines.

How heavy is a SCAG?

Reliable Power, Up To 22 HP

Product Dimensions 36″ SWZT 61″ SWZT
Tracking Width 36.25″ 41.75″
Width (chute down) 48.5″ 73.5″
Width (chute in transport position) 37″ 62″
Weight 550 lb 700 lb