How many books are in the Inhuman series?

How many books are in the Inhuman series?

Genre Superhero
Publication date (vol. 1) October 1975 – August 1977 (vol. 2) November 1998 – October 1999 (vol. 3) June – October 2000 (vol. 4) June 2003 – June 2004
Number of issues (vols. 1, 2, and 4) 12 (vol. 3) 4
Collected editions

How many Dark Life books are there?

two books
There are currently two books, Dark Life (2010) and Rip Tide (2011). It follows the adventures of Ty, an undersea pioneer, and his friend Gemma, a “Topsider” looking for her missing brother.

When was Kat falls born?

1964 (age 58 years)Kat Falls / Date of birth

What inspired Kat Falls to write dark life?

Part of the drive for me to write it is I had a scary man approach my daughter in front of our house when she was much littler. [Falls was inside and unaware of the exchange.]

Is there a Dark Life movie?

Robert Zemeckis is getting his feet wet with an all new feature film for Disney called “Dark Life.” The story is based on a same-titled forthcoming young adult fantasy novel from Kat Falls; it takes …

What is the plot in Dark Life?

Ty has spent his whole life living deep undersea. When outlaws attack his homestead, he finds himself in a fight to save the onyl home he has ever known. joined by Gemma, a girl from Topside, Ty ventures into the frontier’s rough underworld and discovers some dark secrets to Dark Life.

Is dark life a movie?

Who wrote dark life?

Kat FallsDark Life / Author

About the Author Kat Falls is the author of Inhuman, Dark Life, and Rip Tide. A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she holds an MFA in screenwriting from Northwestern University, where she now teaches. She lives in Illinois with her husband and three children.

What genre is Dark Life by Kat Falls?

Science fiction
Adventure fictionApocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Dark Life/Genres

What happened at the end of Dark Life?

In the end the outlaws are not captured but promise never to harm another settler. The settlement decides to break away from Commonwealth control in order to become independent… More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Dark Life: Book 1.

What does #darklife mean?

“Dark life is those organisms that are not visible to the human eye and cannot be successfully cultured,” says biochemist Mark Miller, of the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

What is the theme of Dark Life?

Being Proud of Who You Are There are several characters in the story who either stress the importance of being proud of themselves, or who learn to accept themselves and love who they are. The main character, Ty, is constantly hiding a part of himself from the world.