How do you prepare for Chadar Trek?

How do you prepare for Chadar Trek?

Chadar Trek Preparation—The Ultimate Checklist

  1. 1) Physical Fitness. The first and foremost requirement for Chadar Trek is your physical fitness.
  2. 2) Mental Preparation.
  3. 4) Body and Hand Warmers.
  4. 5) Gumboots.
  5. 6) Fleece Jacket.
  6. 7) Insulating Gloves.
  7. 13) Extra Batteries for Electronics.
  8. 14) Camp Shoes.

What is the best time to do Chadar Trek?

The best time for Chadar trek is from January to the end of February. The river freezes into a mesmerising sheet of ice during this time, which is perfect for taking up this adventurous trek. The Chadar trek is usually 9-10 days long when you cover around 16-18 kilometers per day.

How risky is Chadar trek?

The Chadar Trek Is One Of The Most Dangerous In India, And Now It’s Facing Its Biggest Threat. With Everest being the highest summit, and most dangerous climb in the world, the Chadar trek often falls by the wayside in terms of difficulty and risk.

Can Chadar Trek be done solo?

Traveling solo is adventurous but there is no loss if you are guaranteed safety along with fun. Book from Thrillophilia and they will take care of everything.

Is Chadar Trek for beginners?

So, if you newly discovered your passion for trekking, you might be wondering whether a beginner like you could go for Chadar trek or not. Yes, you can, if you take some precautions and prepare appropriately. There was a time when the Chadar Trek was considered a challenging trek, intended only for experienced hikers.

Can beginners do Chadar trek?

Why is Chadar Trek difficult?

The major difficulty of the Chadar Trek is of getting accustomed to the harsh climate conditions at an altitude of around 13,000 feet above sea level. The long and strenuous journey can cause exhaustion in the trekkers and thus, there is a need of high endurance and expertise.

How to prepare for the Chadar lake trek?

Chadar Lake is classified as a difficult trek. You trek up to an altitude of over 11,123 feet. You have to make sure your lungs are strong for this. The Chadar Lake trek requires a good amount of endurance. You can begin by jogging everyday. Start jogging at a slow pace and then keep increasing your pace day by day.

What is the distance of Chadar trek in Ladakh?

Chadar trek in the beautiful landscape of Ladakh is one of the most adventurous and most difficult treks in the country. The distance that is covered on foot is approximately 105 km and on an average, a trekker covers 15 to 17 km every day.

What is Chadar Trek and why is it famous?

The trek across the frozen river is called the ‘Chadar’ (ice sheet) trek and it holds many surprises and scenes of breathtaking beauty, which attracts tourists and trekkers from all over the country and the world. What is Chadar Trek? The Zanskar River freezes in the winters.

Why Chadar trek on the frozen river Zanskar is a must-do?

This awe-inspiring Chadar trek on the frozen river of Zanskar is a thrilling adventure experience of a lifetime. The road to the Zanskar valley gets blocked by the heavy snowfall in the winter, and the villages of Zanskar get isolated from the rest of Ladakh.