How do I track my shipping lanes?

How do I track my shipping lanes?

The automatic identification system (AIS) helps track bigger vessels crossing waters worldwide by offering real-time information about the vessels….Notable Vessel Tracking Websites

  • Marine-Traffic.
  • FleetMon.
  • Shipfinder.
  • VesselFinder.
  • Vesseltracker.
  • VT Explorer.
  • myshiptracking.
  • Cruisemapper.

What is the world’s busiest shipping lane?

The English Channel
The English Channel Each day, more than 500 vessels cross the 350-mile-long English Channel — widely considered the busiest shipping lane in the world and a critical route in the European shipping network.

Is there a flight radar for ships?

LIVE TRAFFIC RADAR The Marine Traffic is a Live Radar system which allows users all around the world to track ships, freighter, cargo ships, tanker ships, human trafficker, liner, passenger ships, SAR (search and rescue helicopter), sports boats, yachts, vessels, cruiser ships and so on.

What is the best ship tracking app?

VesselFinder is the most popular vessel tracking app, providing real-time data on the positions and movements of vessels, utilising a large network of satellites and terrestrial AIS receivers. – My Fleet – add your favourite vessels to “My Fleet” list and even split them in groups.

Which is busiest sea route?

The English Channel (between the UK and France) The busiest sea route in the world, it connects the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. More than 500 ships pass through this channel daily. It also has the world’s busiest shipping lane: The Dover’s Strait.

What is the shortest distance across the English Channel?

Connecting Dover in England to Calais in northern France, the Strait of Dover is another major route, with over 400 vessels crossing every day. The shortest distance across the Channel is just 33 km, making it possible to see the opposite coastline on a clear day.