How do I put subtitles on my Sony Blu-Ray player?

How do I put subtitles on my Sony Blu-Ray player?

Subtitles can be turned on or off by pressing the SUBTITLE button on the remote control while the disc is playing. NOTE: Not all discs have subtitles. Make sure that the packaging of the disc specifies that it has subtitles.

How do I turn off subtitles on my Sony Blu-Ray player?

Press the SUBTITLE button on the remote control of the Blu-ray Disc player to disable the subtitle.

How do I get subtitles on Blu-ray?

You can see a menu at the top of the interface. Click “Video” and select “Subtitle Track”, then click “Open file…”. Select the subtitle file you just downloaded in the pop-up window, and open it. If you want to beautify the subtitles beneath the screen, you can set Blu-ray subtitles.

How do I turn on subtitles on DVD?

Go to: File menu > Open Disc and select the DVD. Select “Play Movie”….Windows, VLC:

  1. Launch VLC.
  2. Play DVD.
  3. Go To: Subtitle > Sub Track > and select “Subtitles 1” or Subtitle > Sub Track > Closed Captions > “Closed Captions 1”

Does Sony Bravia support subtitles?

The Sony Bravia can be connected directly to a DVD or computer and will make the DVD or computer into a second screen. Subtitles can be added to a Bravia TV using the serial port.

How do I turn on subtitles on my Sony Smart TV?


  1. Press the HOME button, then select [Settings] at the bottom of the screen using the / buttons.
  2. Select [Digital Set-up] using the / buttons, then press the button.
  3. Select [Subtitle Set-up] using the / buttons, then press the button.
  4. Select the desired option using the / buttons, then press the button.

Where is subtitles button on Sony remote?

With CC enabled on the TV and set-top box/cable, you should be able to easily turn the subtitles on and off via Sony remote. The CC button location may vary, depending on the model you have. But it’s usually at the lower section of the remote just under the volume and channel rockers.

How do I get subtitles on my Sony TV?

How to turn on closed captions on your Sony TV

  1. Open Accessibility Settings. To activate captions on your Sony TV, go to the settings menu from the home screen.
  2. Open the Captions Menu.
  3. Select your media source.
  4. Review the caption settings.
  5. Activate captions.
  6. Confirm that captions are working.

Can you get closed caption on a DVD?

Please obtain films or video clips with captions whenever you plan to use them in class. Some professionally produced films on DVD or VHS will have closed captions which can be activated through the DVD or TV remote. Older DVD’s and VHS tapes are often not captioned.

Does Blu Ray support closed captioning?

Blu-ray does not support closed captions; it does, however, support subtitles. Subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) are subtitle files in the source language of the video that also include important non-dialogue audio sound effects and speaker identification.

Does my Blu-ray Disc player support subtitles?

Yes, your Blu-ray Disc player does support subtitle files when playing back videos from external devices, such as USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, etc. Subtitles are not supported via DLNA. However, in order for the unit to display the subtitles, you must make sure that:

How do I use DLNA on my Blu-ray player?

Use the DLNA feature to access media files over your home network from other DLNA enabled devices, such as a PC or PlayStation®3 system. Enjoy media files from a USB device, such as a digital camera, MP3 player, or USB storage device, connected to the USB input on the Blu-ray Disc player. Not all files are guaranteed to play.

Which Sony devices are DLNA compatible?

Sony® makes various DLNA certified devices such as Blu-ray™ Disc players, Televisions, Computers, Sony Smartphones, Tablets and more. Note: Not all Sony devices are DLNA compatible. Check the specifications or user manual of your device for DLNA compatibility information. How Does it Work?

What video formats are compatible with my Sony Blu-ray Disc player?

As a reminder, the video formats listed below are compatible with your Sony Blu-ray Disc player. *9 The player plays AVCHD format files that are recorded on a digital video camera, etc. The AVCHD format disc will not play if it has not been correctly finalised