How do I prepare for the clerical test?

How do I prepare for the clerical test?

Tips for clerical aptitude tests

  1. Practice. One of the best ways to feel comfortable taking a clerical aptitude test is to complete a practice test or two beforehand.
  2. Research.
  3. Optimize your environment.
  4. Read instructions thoroughly.
  5. Take note of the time.
  6. Stay calm.

What is an example of a clerical test?

The most common clerical aptitude tests include assessments of verbal reasoning, basic numeracy, error checking proficiency and situational judgement tests. Roles in clerical work include secretaries, administrative assistants and positions in data entry and office support.

What’s a clerical test?

an examination to assess a person’s knowledge or skills needed for office, clerical, or administrative support positions. Also called clerical-aptitude test.

Where can I get free aptitude test?

The Top 7 Free Career Aptitude Tests

  • 2) Truity: The Big Five Personality Test.
  • 4) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • 6) Rasmussen University Career Aptitude Test.

What is clerical math?

(2) Mathematical or clerical error The term “mathematical or clerical error” means— (A) an error in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division shown on any return, (B) an incorrect use of any table provided by the Internal Revenue Service with respect to any return if such incorrect use is apparent from the …

What is clerical speed?

Formerly known as the Perceptual Speed & Accuracy Test, the Clerical Speed & Accuracy Assessment uses a classic approach to measuring a candidate’s ability to read quickly, compare sets of information, and make simple decisions.

How can I improve my clerical skills?

How to improve clerical skills

  1. First, practice your typing. Whether you’re completing data entry or general database management, having a fast typing speed can demonstrate your efficiency in a wide variety of tasks.
  2. Second, volunteer at a local organization.
  3. Last, learn more about Microsoft Office.

What is on a secretary skills test?

Assessments for Secretaries And Executive Assistants The Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) measures verbal and math skills, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and attention to detail, featuring specific benchmarks for administrative and executive assistants.

What is a passing score for the civil service exam?

Typically, a score of 70% or above is good enough to pass. Your score places you on a ranking list, comparing you to others who have taken the exam. The better you do, the higher your rank, which can put you ahead of other applicants interested in civil service jobs.

What is EEI Sass test?

Support and Administrative Selection System (SASS) The SASS EEI test is used to assess the suitability of a candidate for a wide range of administrative-based jobs in the energy world.

Is there any free psychometric test?

Free Personality psychometric test. Our free Personality psychometric test was designed to give you a brief experience of what one type of personality test questions look like. In our personality test package we offer all 4 types of full real personality tests used to assess your suitability for the job.

What is the best free aptitude test?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is known as being one of the most accurate career aptitude tests. While Myers-Briggs offers a paid $50 version of the test, this is a free version known as the Jung Typology Test.

What is a Clerical Test?

Sub-Tests in a clerical test. A test for clerical jobs for aptitude includes the following sub-sections: Verbal Reasoning Test. This section of the test for clerical jobs measures your ability in basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and reasoning by using words.

How to assess MS Office Skills?

Follow the Microsoft Office Assessment Guide and identify your areas of strength and development. Then download and complete your Microsoft Office Learning Plan to address any skill gaps and plan how you will acquire, practice and demonstrate the skill. It’s a good idea to discuss your plan with your supervisor.

What is your clerical speed?

Determine how many words you typed by using your word processor or counting them manually. Divide the total word count by five to find your clerical speed in WPM. If you find yourself regularly looking at the keyboard while doing your clerical test, try draping a handkerchief over your hands or cutting a shoebox to fit over your hands and keyboard.

What is clerical speed means?

Clerical Speed Definitions. The clerical aptitude test assesses clerical skills and consists of a variety of subtests. This test may include any combination of the following skills: verbal reasoning, numerical ability, clerical typing speed and accuracy, clerical checking, grammar and spelling.