How do I delete all my tweets without deleting them?

How do I delete all my tweets without deleting them?

You can only delete Tweets manually, one by one. If you’re looking to get a fresh start on your Twitter account without losing your username, the best way to do this is to create another account with a temporary username, and then switch the username between your current account and the new account.

How do I clean out my tweets?

From your Twitter profile on the web, click the downward arrow next to any of your tweets, then choose Delete. You do get a confirmation dialog, but there’s no way to restore tweets once they’re gone.

How do you mass delete tweets with certain words?

Delete Tweets By Keywords Using The Twitter Archive

  1. Upload your Twitter archive and click on “Approve.”
  2. On the next page, you will see the option to add “Any Keywords/Username, or Hashtag Search.” Use the search box to delete tweets. Type the exact keyword with which you want to delete all tweets.

How do you delete old tweets fast?

Go into your account settings on Twitter, then select the “Your Twitter data” tab under “Data and permissions.” This will take you to a tab where you can download your Twitter data after re-entering your password. Once you have your old tweets saved for posterity, it’s time to start deleting.

How do you mass delete tweets from a certain year?

If you want to search tweets of a particular date, simply enter the date (for example 3/4/2018) in the grid power search on the right. Circleboom will list all your tweets from that date, you can select the tweets you want to delete and click on “Delete Selected”

How do you delete offensive tweets?

This can be done by going to Twitter’s search bar and typing in your Twitter handle and a keyword. Once the tweet has been located, click the arrow in the upper right corner and then click “delete tweet.”

How do you delete old tweets from years ago?

It’s really not hard to do, and you’ll be glad you did it.

  1. If you ever want to archive your tweets before deleting them, it’s easy.
  2. Next, just press the big button that says “Request archive.” It might take awhile, but you’ll eventually get an email from Twitter with a big ol’ ZIP file full of old tweets.

How do you make tweets automatically delete?

  1. Log in with your Twitter account. Grant TweetDeleter access to your tweets by signing in with your Twitter login.
  2. Upload your Tweet Archive.
  3. Head over to the Auto tweet deleting and unliking page.
  4. Set up your preferences and activate automatic tweet deleting.

How to delete tweets on Twitter?

You can delete the tweets in following 3 steps: 1 Sign-in directly through OAuth by using automatic authentication on the Twitter website. 2 Load your Twitter archive (even if archives are 10+ GB in size). 3 Search for tweets you want to delete, by keywords, specific dates, or user mentions. Click the “Delete Tweets” option.

What is the Best Tweet Deleter tool for free?

With Cardigan, you can delete 3,200 tweets for free but if you want to delete more tweets you have to pay 99 cents per 10,000 tweets. In this article, I have discussed the Best Tweet Deleter tools, the method of their use, advantages, and prices.

How to delete 3200 tweets in bulk?

A few recommended Third Party services to look into for mass tweet deletion are: Possibly the most popular option, Tweet Delete will help you remove those 3200 visible tweets in bulk for free. You’re also able to set up an ongoing schedule for deleting tweets at specified intervals.

How much does tweet Deleter cost?

There are two tiers for Tweet Deleter; Premium Tier allows up to 30,000 tweets per day. The amount you have to pay for this is $.99 per month. The other one is the Unlimited Tier, through which you can delete unlimited Tweets every day as much as you want.