How can I learn math like Ramanujan?

How can I learn math like Ramanujan?

It was impossible to teach him systematically, but he gradually absorbed new points of view. In particular he learnt what was meant by proof, and his later papers, while in some ways as odd and individual as ever, read like the works of a well-informed mathematician.

What textbook did Ramanujan use?

Loney’s book was a very popular text in India then and was so for many years thereafter. Similarly, it is well known [8, p. xii] that Carr’s Synopsis served as Ramanujan’s primary source of mathematical knowledge.

Where are the books of Ramanujan?

Watson stored at the Wren Library at Trinity College, Cambridge. The “notebook” is not a book, but consists of loose and unordered sheets of paper — “more than one hundred pages written on 138 sides in Ramanujan’s distinctive handwriting.

Was Ramanujan gifted?

I came across a saint who told me reason behind Ramanujan’s highly exceptional intelligence. No doubt that he was gifted with love for mathematics but it was not the only reason. Ramanujan was a practicing Hindu Brahmin. His family owned a temple of some Godess.

What solves Ramanujan?

Ramanujan worked out the Riemann series, the elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series and functional equations of the zeta function. On the other hand he had only a vague idea of what constitutes a mathematical proof. Despite many brilliant results, some of his theorems on prime numbers were completely wrong.

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What was unusual about Ramanujan at school?

Answer: The man who knew Infinity, Srinivasa Ramanujan knew more than infinity. He contributed theorems and independently compiled 3900 results. However, to inquisitive minds and those dabbling in mathematical science would also know him for the Hardy-Ramanujan number.