How can a stored procedure return a value in C#?

How can a stored procedure return a value in C#?

U can use out parameter in the store procedure to return value to c#. SqlParameter retval = sqlcomm. Parameters. Add(“@b”, SqlDbType.

How can a stored procedure return a value in SQL Server?

In this article, we create a stored procedure to avoid duplicate record insertion in the SQL Server database prior to insertion into the database….Return Value in Stored Procedure

  1. Create PROCEDURE UsingExistsstoredprocedure.
  2. (
  3. @UserName VARCHAR(100)
  4. )
  5. AS.
  6. DECLARE @ResultValue int.

How can return error from stored procedure in SQL Server to C#?

In your stored procedure add the parameter @text nvarchar(1000) OUTPUT then in your code add an extra parameter with the name @text and set the parameter direction to output . Also you should really be wrapping your SqlCommand and SqlConnection object in using statements to stop leaky connections.

How can I get return values and output values from a stored procedure with EF core?

Get a SQL Server stored procedure return value with EF Core

  1. var parameterReturn = new SqlParameter { ParameterName = “ReturnValue”, SqlDbType = System.Data.SqlDbType.Int, Direction = System. Data.
  2. var result = db.
  3. var procs = new NorthwindContextProcedures(db); var returned = new OutputParameter(); await procs.

Can stored procedure return NULL value?

3 Answers. No, the return type of a stored procedure is INT and it cannot be null.

How can we return error from stored procedure in asp net?

Using RAISERROR to Call the Error Message

  1. Create the following procedure. CREATE PROCEDURE spDemo. AS BEGIN. SELECT TOP 10 * FROM AUTHORS. IF @@ROWCOUNT < 11.
  2. Execute the procedure. Exec spDemo. You will then get the following error message. “Server: Msg 50010, Level 12, State 1, Procedure spDemo, Line 5.

How do you return a stored procedure in SQL?

What is Return Value in SQL Server Stored Procedure?

  1. Right Click and select Execute Stored Procedure.
  2. If the procedure, expects parameters, provide the values and click OK.
  3. Along with the result that you expect, the stored procedure also returns a Return Value = 0.