Can you make money narrating audiobooks?

Can you make money narrating audiobooks?

The amount of money you’ll earn as an audiobook narrator will definitely depend on your experience and the publisher you work for. Some audiobook narrators get paid per hour of finished audio, but keep in mind: payment must also cover the amount of time you prepare, record, and edit your audio.

How much should I charge for audiobook narration?

If you are looking for an experienced narrator on ACX, you should expect to budget $150 to $250 per finished hour. For example, if your audiobook end up being 6 hours long, your total cost would be $900 to $1500.

Who is the highest paid audiobook narrator?

Scott Brick estimates that he’s narrated some 900 books by authors including Ayn Rand, Erik Larson and Truman Capote. Scott Brick reads 50 books a year so you don’t have to. Mr. Brick is an audio book narrator, one of the most lauded and sought-after in the business.

How do I get paid to read audiobooks?

Undoubtedly the most popular site to read books aloud for money, ACX by Amazon is an amazing place to get started on this hustle. You will be able to read books out loud for money on platforms such as Audible, and iTunes. If you’d like to be an audiobook narrator on ACX, you will be considered an audiobook producer.

How do you get paid for audio books?

Earning Royalties for Audiobook Work When you record an audiobook with ACX, you’ll choose between setting your own per-finished-hour rate or splitting royalties 50/50 with the rights holder (usually the book’s author or publisher). If you charge a flat rate, you’ll be paid upon completion of the book.

How many words is a 1 hour audiobook?

The average audiobook is 100,000 words, or about 11 hours long (55 words a minute, 9300 per finished hour). It takes four to six hours to produce one hour of completed audio, or 44-66 hours per book. Average sale prices vary by length. Five to ten hours is $15-$25.

Does voice over work pay well?

Average voice actor salaries: The top 10% of voice actors earn $90,000 and above. The top 25% of voice actors earn $51,000 and above. The bottom 25% of voice actors earn $21,700 and above. The bottom 10% of voice actors earn $18,390 and above.

How do you get paid with ACX?

To encourage Rights Holders and Producers to promote their audiobooks, ACX is offering a $50 Bounty Payment. If your audiobook is the first purchase on made by a new AudibleListener member then you’ll get paid.

Can you make money on ACX?

ACX production costs are low, so there’s more profit to go around. A unique and robust royalty model. Depending on the distribution rights granted to Audible, authors, publishers, and other Rights Holders, as well as narrators, studio professionals, and other Producers can earn royalties of up to 40%.