Can I drive my siblings with a license in California?

Can I drive my siblings with a license in California?

During the first 12 months after you are licensed, you cannot drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and cannot transport passengers under 20 years old, unless accompanied by a California-licensed parent or guardian, a California-licensed driver 25 years old or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor.

Can I drive my sibling to school California?

During the first 12 months after getting a license, they cannot drive other teens unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, a licensed driver age 25 or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor. They may drive siblings to school, for example, but a note is recommended. But they cannot drive friends.

Can I drive my siblings when im 16?

Legally, a restricted driver (ages 16–18) that is in their first year of driving must have a signed permission note from their parents in order to transport a sibling. From the California DMV online handbook for teen drivers (emphasis mine):

How old do you have to be to drive others in California?

Teens cannot drive with other passengers who are under the age of 20 years old. The only exceptions include if there is someone over the age of 25 years old in the vehicle or if the 12-month waiting period has passed.

Can you drive family members on your restricted?

Remember: drivers with a restricted licence must not drive with passengers* unless there is a supervising driver (who has had their full licence for 2 years or more) seated in the front passenger seat.

Can restricted drivers take siblings?

A common question is: “Can my son/daughter drive their siblings to school on a restricted licence?” The answer is no. Unless you’re a parent or legal guardian, there’s no exemption to carry passengers on a restricted licence without a supervisor who holds a full car licence.

Can a minor drive another minor in California?

California uses a graduated driver’s license system. If you’re a minor in California, you must follow these rules: Teen drivers are not permitted to drive with other minors in the vehicle unless a parent, guardian or licensed driver over the age of 25 is also present.

What happens if a 16 year old gets caught driving with someone in California?

The penalty is 16 hours of community service and a $35 fine for the first offense. The second offense is 24 hours of community service and a $50 fine. Their license is suspended for six months if they have three points within a year.

Can I drive my brother on my restricted?

Can you drive your sibling?

Driver’s License Permit Restrictions For the next 6 months you may drive with your parents, guardians or instructor or even your brothers or sisters above 20 years of age. You are not even allowed to use your hands free or laptops or any video devices while driving.

Can you drive your children on a restricted?

If you sat the restricted test in an automatic vehicle, your restricted licence will say that you can only drive automatic vehicles (unless accompanied by a supervisor). You cannot normally carry passengers, unless you have a supervisor with you.

What is the fine for carrying passengers on a restricted license?

a $100 fine
Restricted drivers carrying passengers can be issued with a $100 fine per unauthorised passenger. Driving outside of the hours or not having the full licence driver seated next to them is also a $100 fine each, and of course each offence receives 35 demerit points.