Are Craftsman pressure washers any good?

Are Craftsman pressure washers any good?

Today Craftsman is a very well-known brand and has been rated the No. 1 brand among all American brands in previous years. Their main selling point is value for money. Where you might pay $700 for a Honda pressure washer you can get the same spec Craftsman for half the price.

What kind of gas does a Craftsman pressure washer take?

A pressure washer uses gas that is less than thirty days old, a minimum of 87 octane rating, and up to 10% ethanol. The type of gasoline used for gas-powered pressure washers is a safety precaution. You do not want to use substandard fuel.

Which pressure washer is better Ryobi or Craftsman?

The Ryobi is a journeyman machine, one that delivers consistent soaping and washing performance. It’s stronger than the Karcher (above) and Sun Joe (below) and about equal to the Craftsman. It’s much heavier than the Craftsman, though most of that weight difference is attributable to its physically larger motor.

Does Craftsman pressure washer come with oil?

The manual say to use 10W30 and the in the box it came supplied with SAE30. You can use 5w30, 10w30 or SAE30wt oil depending on the ambient temperature. In ambient temperatures of 55-above SAE30 wt is recommended. See Oil Recommendations in the image I added below.

Do I need fuel stabilizer for my pressure washer?

Fuel Stabilizer is a solution that prolongs the life of your pressure washer engine. It keeps the fuel lines lubricated and removes gunk that can harm your engine in the long run. Like how food can expire, so can gas if left in the fuel tank and not consumed for more than 30 days.

Do Craftsman pressure washers take regular gas?

The only kind of gas that goes in a pressure washer is a fresh unleaded gasoline that contains an octane rating of 87 or grater. This will allow the machine to run smoothly. The gas should not contain more than 10% ethanol. Ethanol is known to cause some damage to the machine.

Where does the oil go in a Craftsman pressure washer?

Make the piece 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. Bend the cardboard in half lengthwise to form a channel. Wedge one end of the cardboard between the bottom of the crankcase and the power washer deck under the drain plug. Place a container to catch the oil under the other end of the cardboard.

How much oil do you put in pressure washer?

Open non-detergent pump oil and grab your funnel (or not) and pour oil into pump. You don’t want to fill reservoir of oil completely… Only around 3/4 full. Place fill bolt back onto pump and tighten. Clean up the area and fire up your pressure washer.