Who is the current Henry County sheriff?

Who is the current Henry County sheriff?

Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett
Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett is the 29th Sheriff to Henry County and the first African American sheriff in Henry County’s history.

Who is the sheriff of Henry County 2021?

REGINALD SCANDRETT Working closely with various public safety agencies within Henry County to establish community-oriented programs that foster relationships built on mutual respect and promote public trust.

How do sheriff sales work in Ohio?

The sheriff sale is held. The sale is a public auction. The property may not be sold for less than 2/3 of its appraised value. Once the sale has been confirmed, the deed will be drawn up and the buyer will pay the purchase price and record a new deed.

Does Ohio have Sheriffs?

Since the early 1800s, Ohio sheriffs have been elected on the county level by the people they serve. By virtue of this process, this office has become the oldest law enforcement position in the United States. In each of the 88 counties of Ohio, the sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer.

How do I send mail to Henry County Jail?

Ensure you send the mail to 120 Henry Parkway, McDonough, GA, 30253. Failure to send mail to the address on file will result in the mail being sent back.

Where is Reginald Scandrett from?

Henry County
A community-oriented 27-year resident of Henry County, Reginald Scandrett is married to Deidree’, his high school sweetheart.

What is Henry County zip code?

Zip Code List County – Henry County, Georgia

Zip Code City County
30228 Hampton Henry County
30248 Locust Grove Henry County
30252 McDonough Henry County
30253 McDonough Henry County

Is Ohio a redemption state?

Yes, but you’ll have to act quickly. Some states, including Ohio, have a law that provides a “redemption period” during which foreclosed homeowners may repurchase their property. (Repurchasing the property is called “redeeming” the home.) Then, you may then keep the property.

How long after a sheriff sale Do you have to move out in Ohio?

How long do you have to get out of your house after a sheriff’s sale in Ohio? You have about four to six weeks from the date your house is sold at sheriff’s auction before you have to get out of your house. “Foreclosure” in Ohio is the entire lawsuit process.

How many sheriff departments are in Ohio?

There are 88 county sheriff’s offices in Ohio. Sheriffs are the chief law enforcement officer in the county, and their responsibilities are extensive.

Who is the sheriff of Ohio?

Phil Stammitti –
Phil Stammitti – Sheriff 9896 Murray Ridge Rd.

How many inmates are in Henry County Jail?

Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check The facility is considered a regional minimum security jail with a capacity of around 900 inmates. The Henry County Jail houses all manner of felons, from juveniles to adults.